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Crussaria Cities, Land and Enviroment

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Crussaria is a medieval fantasy world incoporating many if not all terrains such as Snow and Desert.

There are two major cities:
Imperial City of Dlaisméra (Prenounced Dal-is-maire-er)
Idoûslane (Prenounced Idoh-slain)

Dhorafell - Heavily wooded
Veiador -

Allesdown - Small rural farm orinitated village
Duskirna -  Near the dying forest of Fuertire

Heuegaurd - A keep with fortifications situated on a low hill.

Koriatiur Mine - An abandoned mine which serves as a passageway between Ionthir and Dlaisméra, it was orginally build by the dwarves but was later abandoned due to territory loss in the west when Dwarf city of Duath fell to an Orcish invasion lead by Mulldur The Bloodlusty in the 6th Age of Peneath.

Fuertire - Large dying forest, very dark and corrupted
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Snow. Snow is going to be AWR's area.


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Fuertire will tottaly be my evil base of destruction and death!


Dhorafell - Heavily wooded

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