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Started by Strelok Holmes, 05-01-2010

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Strelok Holmes

                                                                    The Corpse Brigade

The king's death brings about the drums of war, heard throughout the land. With no named successor, his once loyal vessel's fight threw out the land, attempting to gain the crown and rule off of Crussia. They raise peasant armies to fight for them along with mercenaries and knights a like. "The war of the Crown" this even shall be known as, every man dying for power, glory and riches, the duke's and barons fight endless ordering their men to slaughter and unknowingly meeting  the same fate in time.

The battle of the Eagle and Lion was one of bloodiest skirmishes within the war. Brigades of peasants charged at one another, slashing and beating with sword and shield as bolts from the crossbow-man's arrow fly over head. The Officer's of each Brigade fell in battle within the hour and, within four the fighting ceased.

The battle started to semmer down as a curse rang out of the fog "Down with the nobles! Down with tyranny!" The survivors look on of where the sound came from, a man on the fringe of death holding a another who bares resemblance. The crowd murmured and dropped their weapons and shields, staring at one another.The soldiers looked at the bodies all around them, friends, family and neighbor all. The pure realization of the carnage had struck their poor minds

The remaining "soldiers" gathered around, praying to god for the crimes they've done since the war's start. They gathered what they could from the dead and dying, equipping dented shields, chipped swords and worn out equipment. These men of ill fate banded together and marched for a common goal, to free the people from tyranny .

*A hand written bill is placed on the tavern wall, you get a chance to read it before the law rips it off*


The main goals of the Corpse Brigade is the removal of Nobility (feudal system) from the country then, establish the democratic society in its place. Due to this ideal,  both the Baron and Duke has labled them as outlaws. They're not your robin hood type outlaws either, if required (but very rarely) they would attack and rob peasants but, their target of choice is the Nobles and small patrols for supplies and money.

The whole point of this group in a Role play respective is to contribute to the Crussaria's "story" and majority of the time, passive role play. Now this group will be regulated to stop random robbery from it's memembers. If theres one thing i cant stand, it's massive high way robbery.  I just hope with aid to keep people in line with a co-leader can soften up the fear of "OMG MING-BAG!" that comes with it.

The ranks are simple  to what a damn poor man can understand

The leaders of the peasent's revolt. The ranks will be used by people in order to install a  leadership. Incase of a leaders death, a new one would be elected from the ranks.
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 ~Warrant Officer~
Made to represent the two captains in their absent, though this does mean one person in charge, their powers are limited to orders giving by the Captains.

The rank is used for people who assigned to command, organize and train the peasents for combat.

Rank is used as an assistant to the Man-at-arms and makes up the bulk of the peasent army. They're the main infantry carring swords, axes and (if they can afford) shields.
The lowest of the low, they are the most ill equiped men who decided to join the revolt under the Bridages banner. Whenever they can afford  it, commonly supplied at times with crossbows and short swords for melee combat.
                                                                  ~Rules of the Brigade~
1) Never rob or murder a peasent unless they show hostile intent, we are for the people and must not spill innocent blood.

2) Any loot of value shall be giving to the Warrent officers in order to gain more supplies for the Brigade.

3) Noblility is corrupted, if you happen a pone a lone noble it is better to ransom then to slaughter.

4) Watch out for the law, they are the arms of the Nobles.

5) Mercenaries must be trusted to hire, for they can sell us out.

6) The raiding of farms is frowned a pone, we shall buy food from villagers or farm our own.

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Why are you fighting for this cause?:

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+Support The help of another faction thats partial to the way the kingdom's rule turns out could be a very important asset.

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Strelok Holmes

That it is, but i never meant for this to sound like something that could qualify for a major faction. Then again, the Baron and the Duke seem to be a bit bland. I hope when Crussaria does get green lighted, this faction would spice a few things up to be intresting.

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+support. Looks like a great idea.


+Support, sounds new and original, looking forward to see this.

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I'll +Support this. Great idea, I always love when people take that path instead of the majority. It makes thing, as someone would say it, "Topsy-turvey".
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Strelok Holmes

Not much else i can think to add, so removed the WIP tag.

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Quote from: Strelok Holmes on 15-01-2010
Not much else i can think to add, so removed the WIP tag.

Wheres my support for old Strelok holmes!
I dissapointed myself.

Looks very good buddy, i look forward to that becoming a main part in Crussaria.

+ Support


Very original and seems like a very good idea. Great job.




Seems like kind of an even darker version of vigilantes.

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Strelok Holmes

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Strelok Holmes

Orginized it a bit, added an application.

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Back from a long time off HGN, and what meet me is good!
More people interested in Crussaria and stuff. Like this faction idea, supporting this. 
Also still waiting for more responses too my own faction idea....anyway, good job with the faction setup and everything.

Strelok Holmes

Changed the recruitment poster to an image :D

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Ah >.< I was gonna do that, for something I forgot about.

Strelok Holmes

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