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Started by swacko, 06-04-2009

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i know, i know, a little late to post this now. but still, already wrote it, so might as well post it to hear what you guys think.
name of the faction and ranks are open for renaming-ideas.

The Family of Loving Darkness

The Family of Loving Darkness have existed in the shadows for decades. Nobody except the Family members and those who have proven worthy get to know where it is. People mostly refer to it as "The Family" when talking about it, because mentioning the full name could cause fear and suspicions. The Family Members care of nothing but the family, because the Family is the only ones that will ever love them.
The Family is always nearby, and has hidden eyes and ears all over Crussaria.
And therefore, it is dangerous to talk about recklessly in public.

The purpose of the Family is one thing: Murder.
The Family of Loving Darkness Does not contain mercenaries, bodyguards or thieves. Only cold-hearted murderers and assassins that are loved by the Family and the Family's mother: The death maiden.

The Death Maiden:
The Death Maiden is not a goddess, although the ones who don't know much about The Family may think so.
Actually, The Death maiden is more like a loving Mother for the Family.
The Death Maiden was a woman who killed for the wonderful rush of having someone?s life in the palm of her hand, before she crushed it in any fashion she wanted. Poison, blade, arrow, axe?anything she could get her hands on.
She lived in a Manor, deep inside the forest. Because she had no family, and she refused to bond with a man, She was lonely, and therefore she started kidnapping infants and pick up Orphans from the streets and take them to her manor.
Here she raised the children as her own, training them in taking life's at a young age. And as their mother did, her children did the same. Any weak child that was unable to murder was never to be seen again.
The family of Loving Darkness is her legacy. A Family of perfect assassins and murderers.
After she died, the family decided to make everybody know that they were out there, so that they could continue killing to gain her favour and love.

The Pact of Blood:
And so they did. They set out a rumour that if you wanted someone dead, you could contact someone that have a connection to "The Family" or make The Family know in some other way, and someone would eventually ask you the question: "Do you seek the Maiden?" when you are all alone.
To hire a Family member is expensive, depending on the target and situation, but there is an alternative to payment: a life. If a life is offered as payment, the pact will be accepted, because in the end, it's all about the joy of murdering. It's not without risk to hire the Family either. There are many that would want to eradicate the Family, and therefore, if anything is mentioned about the pact, the pact is broken and you will be silenced.

To Join the Family:
The Family of Loving Darkness only opens its arms to individuals that can murder without showing remorse or hesitation.
The only feelings a Family member can feel while murdering, is love, joy and pleasure.
Individuals that have proven themselves with these abilities appreciated only by The Family, are contacted by someone from the Family, who will give them a task to prove their loyalty.
If the Task has been completed, the person is accepted as a family member, or as the family puts it: ?embraced?. If the person needs some time to think about the offer, it will be granted. If the person rejects, he will be marked as an ingrate. This means:

- cannot join the Family until the ingrate have served the Family enough to be offered a second chance (hard).
- to mention the Family will result in a threat of death. If the threat is ignored...wait and see what happens.
- Any request to kill someone will be ignored.
In short: you cannot just jump in. You are given the opportunity to join.

The Family of Loving Darkness is neutral to all factions, at least from their side. However, if a faction or group seeks to damage the Family, they will not hesitate to kill members of the faction or group.
The Family members that have been embraced by the family are given missions according to their skills. This means that a member good at taking out targets at a long range, will be given contracts that requires some subtlety or sneaking.
This means every member has it?s own use, so you are especially selected for your contract.

Rules: Breaking the rules will result in a Trial where all the available family members are gathered, with the highest ranked member available as judge. You will have to explain your actions. The Family will vote to Forgive you or not, and the vote will be announced.
However, the Judge is always the one who will decide what to do with you, no matter what the rest says.
Minor offenses such as rule 1 however is for the one you offended to choose to forgive or not forgive you on His/Hers conditions.

1: Never steal from or on purpose attack a family member.
2: Never bring defilers and unworthy scum to the family on purpose.
3: Never kill a family member.
4: Never disobey a Caller or the Father.
5: Never, EVER, dishonour the Death Maiden.

And finally, the ranks:

The Father
The leader of the Family.
Absolute Control of the Family members and the family?s resources.

Caller of the Maiden
You are the one to contact people worthy of joining the family
There can be only 2 Callers. Both have to agree to let someone join the family
before the person can be embraced as a family member.

Death Bringer of the Maiden
You are the one who is contacted when someone seeks the Maiden.
You deliver the contracts to the members.
There can be only 2 Death Bringers.
Assassin of the Maiden
You get more contracts and pay than the lower members.
You are respected and have found your place in the Family.

Silencer of the Maiden
You have discovered your talents and are offered contracts suited for you.
You are on your way of becoming a respected Assassin.

Killer of the Maiden
You are earning the Family?s respect.
and you start getting contracts and a small amount of the Family?s earnings.
You have not yet found your special talent.

Acolyte of the Maiden
You have been embraced
and are looking for your place in the family.
No contracts will be given, only tasks to prove yourself

Current Roster:

Father Lucius -Swacko/jack the Stripper


Death Bringers:







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The story's nicely written; inspired by Morrowind's Dark Brotherhood perhaps? ;)

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Quote from: Stefan The story's nicely written; inspired by Morrowind's Dark Brotherhood perhaps? ;)

Aye, it sounds alike, but good none the less =)

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Looks like you put a lot of thought into this :D




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I have been asked this question many times. Unfortunately, their is not one easy answer that I can give you.



I support this even though my support is crap
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hehehe, im glad you guys are positive to this suggestion :)
Havent really figured out who I would want as the higher ranked members, but id like to be the Father, or one of the callers.
but yeah, I put some effort into this, and i had my sources of inspiration ;)
If you feel there is anything missing thats preventing this from being accepted, id like to know, thanks.
I dont know too many of you, but if you would like to be one of the superiors, send me a message or something.
I would need some help organizing this...