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Many people would ask why "Mages" are feared if no one had ever seen one. But on the first glimpse of a Mage, Lich, Necromancer actually using magic to inflict harm the image sticks. This is the imagery that is spread throughout Crussaria to every person. The reason Mages are feared is because they're abnormal, they're different. People are afraid of change, and because of the Mages abilities it frightens people into believing them crazed and dangerous. Some of them may be, while the true essence of Mages and  their Magic is in knowledge. The study of knowledge is the core principal to all those who wish to call themselves Mages, Wizards, Witches, Necromancers, Liches, Priests. Through knowledge these individuals derive their power and strength. This power through knowledge is what I wish to replicate and employ in my faction. The ability to learn through role-play, to be strained, to be taught. Through this it leads to an educated individual both IC and OOC of the role they play.

The First Order

Mages were once widely accepted because of their talents and the immense amount of help they could be. That all changed when some mages went bad, turning into creatures bent on rampage, destruction and genocide. This led the people of Crussaria to create groups such as The Inquisitors. These men hunted and slaughtered most of the mages, wizards and magic bearing creatures to near extinction. What was once a great Order of knowledge, power and brilliance was now an underground society of the last few Mages and Wizards still believing in good. Many of the Order turned to evil magics and became Necromancers and Liches. This led to a power struggle between the two groups while also being hunted by the rest of Crussaria.

After years of being hunted and killed the First Order disappeared. It is unknown where they went or how, but that is the manner of Wizards. In fact the Order had decided the only way to elude extinction was to join the established society. Underground and hidden the Order met rarely and training of new Wizards was slow. The creation of a new home was underway but it was not certain how long it would take to build their new tower. When things seemed they might get better for the Order things took a turn for the worse. The Mages that had been corrupted believed it was time for revenge against Crussaria. Their belief was to upset the established order, introduce chaos, anarchy and death. And that just what they did, hundreds of Necromancers, Liches and an assortment of Dark Creatures attacked and pillaged several Towns and Villages. This led to the full wrath of Crussaria, not only did Mage Hunting Inquisitors come, but thousands of peasants and soldiers of the Imperial Army. The current First Wizard of the Order decided that in order to redeem Wizards still loyal to the Order that they should help in the defeat of the Fallen Mages.

After a bloody campaign and the defeat of the brunt of the enemy, the remaining Fallen Mages returned to the underground. After the campaign the Inquisitors turned to the First Order, they didn't trust them and resumed hunting them since the campaign was now over. The Order made little progess in showing they're not evil crazed monsters. The only faction to which they showed any progess was with the Imperial Army having saved many of the troops in the campaign. The First Wizard of the Order decided it was time the Order went underground permanently.  What few Wizards and Mages left were sent to various towns to live amongst the people. Should the sign of young potentials be seen they were to be approached by the Order. Should the young potential want to learn the ways of the Order and study to become a wizard he/she would be assigned to a Master Wizard.

With the lack of new apprentices each apprentice is trained longer, harder and made stronger. This turned the Order from a vast many wizards to a select few. These few Wizards however are immensely powerful, yet so vulnerable should they be discovered by the people of Crussaria. Always watching, always paranoid the Wizards of the First Order forge through the tides of war and anarchy to once again establish themselves as a single entity in the search of knowledge to better the Order and the World. The mission of the Order is to ensure the safety of the people of Crussaria, if that means laying waste to an invading army then it will be done. The protection of the people and the pursuit of knowledge are our goals.

The Order Heirarchy

First Wizard
The First Wizard is the Head of the Order. He or She is the most knowledgeable and powerful Wizard in the order. His word is law throughout the Order and is backed by the knowledge and power of many generations. He/She is also required to be born with a natural affinity to magic. Technically a War Wizard, the First Wizard is the Head of a Order Council which is 4 War Wizards and the First Wizard. First Wizard basically is the rank given to the most powerful, knowledgeable War Wizard.

War Wizard
War-Wizards are master Wizards born with a natural affinity to magic. A council of 4 War-Wizards and the First Wizard lead the Order. A War Wizard's power is fueled by emotion, most specifically anger. Each War Wizard also chooses an Apprentice to teach.

A Wizard is an experienced and knowledgeable Mage, the brunt of the Order.

An Apprentice is a student of a War Wizard.


Quote*A torn, ripped and ragged old scroll*

-So passed the last great Wizard of the First Order whom had shown the world the glory and good in the core of the Order. The new First Wizard to be decided would come down to the decision of the remaining 4 War Wizards. This would be the biggest decision of the council in this time because of the need of a united Order. Because of the death of the last First Wizard the Order had split, each side backing its own candidate. This caused chaos not only in the Order but in the rest of Crussaria. The last First Wizard had shown and pledged the future of the Order to guard and protect the Empire. But because of his death there was a power struggle. One side wanted to continue the old ways and keep to themselves and leave the matters of the world to itself. The other side wanted to follow the last wishes of the greatest First Wizard known. Because of this power struggle that led to a split in the Order, each side chose their new leader and sets of laws. The side who supported the last First Wizards apprentice, Durinos Rahl, whom believed in the wishes of the last First Wizard kept the name of The First Order. He also was elected the leader of the First Order, whilst the other side of the conflict elected another hugely impressive Apprentice. This apprentice was considered by many to be evil; in fact it seemed to be true. He began teaching his followers dark magic and to show no mercy if shown conflict with humans. This led to the defining act of the First Order, showing its true place to the people of Crussaria. First Wizard Durinos Rahl rallied the strongest, wisest and most powerful wizards of the First Order. This act would have impact to alter the fate of the world and all the people in it. Durinos Rahl led his finest wizards to a gorge between several mountains by a village. This gorge would forever be hated by the people of Crussaria because of the bloodshed it spawned. Hundreds of wizards gathered from either side to face each other for dominance over the world of magic. Durinos Rahl led his finest into a battle of unspeakable horror, carnage, anger, hatred and death. Corpses littered the ground for miles, craters, destroyed rock and trees and thousands dead. This battle brought a race of wizards of thousands to mere hundreds or less. It would never again rise to its former glory; both sides lost numerous wizards of great importance. Though each would side would survive they now had a new problem; Because of the carnage wreaked by the wizards it had angered the populace of Crussaria. This led to the formation of groups like the Inquisitors which would drive wizards underground where they would stay for another 100 years. After a century of the underground Durinos Rahl, now 152, would try once again to lead the First Order out of the darkness and establish a new home for his few remaining wizards.

*A burn mark in the scroll prevents further reading –continues from further down the scroll*

-So was the belief of Durinos Rahl and the First Order. As Durinos himself, led his four War Wizards out of the underground to speak with the Lord and rightful heir of Crussaria. The five greatest wizards in the Order had left hiding on a mission to come to terms with the Lord. They believed that he as the rightful heir would be the proper man to speak with to help in his cause. They easily evaded and maneuvered to his Fortress and into his council room. Taking him by surprise whilst he was speaking with fellow nobles in support of his cause he called for guards. Durinos then convinced him that they meant no harm and were there to discuss his proposals. After a long night of discussion they had concluded that because of the public's fear of wizardry that the Order couldn't help openly. Durinos agreed that he would stay underground for the time being and would try to stop the now corrupted wizards and monsters from harming Crussaria. In return for protecting the people and Empire from this threat the Lord agreed to fund the building of a tower in the gorge of the great battle. Durinos believed for the honor of all the fallen wizards who gave their lives in that battle that this was the only way they would be properly remembered. The Lord used the guise of the tower being the beginning of a new fort in the gorge to supply the masons for construction. After the construction was complete Durinos planned to imbue the Tower with magical properties to hide it from humans. Among other enchantments and security measures it was to be the new home of the Order.

*The following is a small snippet of an ancient proverb by a great wizard in a piece of the scroll*

Emotion, strong as the biggest waves of the ocean
Sadness, the cause of the greatest madness
Anger, the beginning down the path of power
Together, the start of true corruption

Wizard's First Rule: People can be made to believe any lie, either because they want to believe it's true, or because they are afraid it's true.

Wizard's Second Rule: The greatest harm can result from the best intentions.

Wizard's Third Rule: Passion rules reason.

Wizard's Fourth Rule: There is Magic to heal. In the forgiveness you grant, and more so in the forgiveness you receive.

Wizard's Fifth Rule: Mind what people do, not only what they say, for deeds will betray a lie.

Wizard's Sixth Rule: The only sovereign you can allow to rule you is reason.

Wizard's Seventh Rule: Life is the future, not the past.

The way the Order works is based around Passive role-play, whilst also very hands-on. A Wizard will go through training and then be sent on missions ranging from assassinations of Fallen Mages to ensuring the protection of Barons, Dukes and Royal Family Members. Each Wizard/Mage moves through the ranks of the Order based on skill and knowledge. If you believe a higher ranked member of the Order is weak and you feel strong enough to replace him/her it is your duty to do so. Should you fail however, you will be slaughtered in agonizing pain. This leads the Order to being based on around trust and loyalty. Weakness is not an option, beware of that before ever accepting an invitation from a Wizard.

Heres to sum up, specifically we'll do a lot of passive role-play and then some hands-on work. We will also be ALWAYS be undercover when in Towns or Citys. To give away the presence of a Wizard is a threat to the Order. At all times in the public we are disquised. Our missions range from recovering artifacts, assassinating Fallen Mages and other duties assigned by the Order's Council.


Thanks for the read, I'll be adding more.

Biography of First Wizard Rahl

Birth of a Master, The Story of Durinos Rahl

Born into an age where magic was widely used an accepted by many people. It was common at this time for children to be born with the gift of magic. But it was rare for them to be attuned to it before they received training from a wizard. Such was the story for a young boy named Durinos. Neither his mother or father had been wizards yet he possessed immense ability for the gift of magic. It is believed that he received the gift from his grandfather, Panos Rahl, on his father's side. His grandfather had been a remarkable wizard in his time but after many years of service to the Empire he died. It is unknown how he died all that is known is that he was serving as the personal bodyguard of an heir to the throne. So with the birth of Durinos Rahl and the discovery of his gift his parents were ecstatic. He was found at a young age by a very powerful wizard of the renowned First Order. He left with the wizard at the age of 8 to begin his life as an apprentice learning the ways of magicite and wizardry. As was tradition upon becoming an apprentice young Durinos was assigned to the War Wizard who would be his mentor for the many years to come. His new master Clivantus Zorander was among the oldest and most respected War Wizards in the Order. The beginning of a long, hard path towards the truth of knowledge had begun for one of the most important to ever tread it...

The Simplest Rule

Durinos soon discovered the one rule to advancement in the First Order. He had surveyed Master Zorander use it many times. The simplest rule of being a War Wizard, one single word that contained the answer to hundreds of questions: "Cut". The single word, whether it be with a sword of air cutting an enemy in half or cutting the ties of emotion to solve a problem. Whatever the issue the one word and code of War Wizard is sure to solve it. This one word may seem very simple to anyone who doesn't fully understand what it is to be a War Wizard. To them their power is driven by emotion and need causing the words simple nature to be as complex as their emotions. This single rule was a marker to young apprentices; it showed when they had reached the level of ability to become a wizard. After several years Durinos finally perfected its meaning in his mind. He did this when he witnessed his master become First Wizard without a single objection. The previous First Wizard passed away at the age of 431 leaving several candidates for the position. Master Zorander simply walked to the body of the great wizard and removed the symbolic amulet from around his neck. He placed this amulet on his neck in front of every wizard present. He announced in a simple phrase of "I am the successor", not a single wizard contested his statement. This made "cut" second nature to young Durinos; he had witnessed its awesome power and understood the meaning of it. He was ready to advance but found he had before he knew it. Simply by being the apprentice of the First Wizard Durinos found that he had become somewhat of an icon. He was viewed with envy by other apprentices and watched carefully by the master wizards. His abilities surpassed that of any other apprentice after only 4 years. On his twelfth birthday there was a ceremony promoting the young apprentice to a full wizard. This was but the first marker stone on the long path he had started...

The Call to Arms

Wizard Rahl of age 15, a prodigy of the Order was in for the toughest year of his life. Following a dispute with a neighboring nation the Empire was at war. A swift invasion of thousands of enemy troops attacked the empire striking deep. First Wizard Zorander sent out a memorandum that all of the rank Wizard and above were hereby called to serve in the war. He took with him a formation known as "The Fist" the 500 best wizards and mages available to attempt to turn the tide of the invasion. After a week of travel "The Fist" had reached the front lines to find a wasteland of corpses. Immediately going to work the Order showed no mercy in their relentless assault on the invaders. Young wizard Rahl learned the horror of battle but he coped with it because of one aspect of his training. Wizards 6th rule: "The only sovereign you can allow to rule you is reason." This one simple phrase decided the fate of thousands. Its opposite led to the death of a great wizard. "Wizard's Third Rule: Passion rules reason." This was the case that caused First Wizard Zorander's death. Attempting to defend young wizards from an enemy master wizard he gave his life to save them. He invoked the rite of Wizards Life Fire, giving his life to save others causing massive destruction at the hands of great fireball. He incinerated the enemy wizard, his own body falling to a pile of ash on the ground. Soon afterwards the invasion was halted and the enemy pushed out of Crussaria.

New Age, New Leadership

With the death of First Wizard Zorander the Order now lacked a leader, but that would not last. War Wizard Ander stepped up to the task and due to the actions and abilities of young Wizard Rahl he promoted him to the status of War Wizard.  Rahl was among the most powerful wizards of the time yet with such a young age. War Wizard Rahl aged and learned and grew stronger for the next 37 years. He gained power, knowledge, wisdom and respect in this time period. Then things changed and would never be the same with the death of yet another First Wizard. Wizard Ander died and left Rahl as the next First Wizard. He took up the mantle in a time of desperation and conflict with the factions of evil wizards using their abilities to harm the innocent. He led his finest wizards in war and swore an oath to destroy every single one of these monsters. This hatred spawned a bloody war that in turn would cause the creation of groups like the Inquisitors. After the brunt of the campaign was over the Order would go underground a broken and battered act of desperation of the last surviving members of the Order. First Wizard Rahl now lives to restore the Order to glory and its rightful place in the land of Crussaria...

Characters - Stalker RP
Diederik 'Ghost' Sigmund - Mercenary - Alive
Archibald 'Joker' Jung - Freedom Trader - Alive
Characters - Crussaria RP
Durinos Rahl - First Wizard - Alive


  I +support. It creates roleplay for the inquisitors, other factions and mages just own. Don't think there would be any problems if you choose the right people, good luck with this group.


+support. Well thought out. Looking forward to seeing this being accepted.


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+support It's magic done right!

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Excellent effort and amazingly detailed and thoughtful backstory. This is what all faction apps for FO3, SRP, and Crussaria should look like



However this would need to be controlled because if a mage god modes it would be annoying. I don't care how god damn powerful you are, if he gets stabbed hesa-goin-die.


Quote from: KingArthur on 09-01-2010

However this would need to be controlled because if a mage god modes it would be annoying. I don't care how god damn powerful you are, if he gets stabbed hesa-goin-die.

Frost Armor.

Lol, anyways, +support, looks great.




Looks good mate, well done.
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+ support

Looks like a great faction.


+Support I didn't think it would of been this good. I can tell you took you time and worked hard on this, and  I like the idea.


+Support It looks well thought out, and very hard must have been put into this. It will probably hold some good RP, also, and may even need a counter part, like something to control them or to kill them.

Edit: Looks as if there is a counter-part, this should be fun to watch that war.
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Its been accepted. Great work.