Java Script - Program development Cycle

Started by CortezV, 29-10-2009

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Java script is mainly for people who want to create visual interfaces and something to calculate a few things, Its not really necessary, but I was just checking it out so I could get a key on the coding cycle.

Methodology - Breaks series of code into plan.

Analyze the requirements
precisely defind the problem to be solved
verify that the requirements are complete
write programe requirements and specifications, descriptions of the program's inputs
processing, outputs, and user interface

Design the solution
Develop a detailed, logical plan sing tools such as pseudocode, flowcharts, class diagrams, or event digrams to group the programes activites into modules;
devise a method of solution or algorithm for each module; and test the solution algorithms.
design the user interface for the application, including input area's, output areas, and other necessary elements.

Validate the design
Step through the solution design with test data.
Receive confirmation from the user that the design solves the problem in a satisfactory manner.

Implement the design
Translate the design into an application using a programming language or application development tool by creating the user interface and writing code;
Include internal documentation (comments and remarks) within the code that explains the purpose of the code statements.

Test the solution
Test the program, finding and correcting errors (debugging) until it is error free and contains enough safeguards to ensure the desired results, implent the solution at the user level.

Document the solution.
Review andm If necessary, revise internal documentation; formalize and complete user (external) documentation.

Programe development Cycle

1. Analyze the requirements
   *Review the programe specifications.
   * Meet with analyst and users
   * Identify the program componets

2. Design the solution
   * Group activities into modules
   * Devise solution algorithms
   * Design the user interface

3. Validate the design
    *Test the solution algorith
       with sample data
     *Confirm with the user that
       solution meets requirements

4. Implement the Design
   *Translate solution algorithms
       into a programming language
    *Enter program code into

5. Test the solution
    *Test program
    * Find and correct any errors

6. Document the solution
   *Review program code
   *Review and revise internal data
   *Formalize and complete user documentation.

              Back to 1.

(See as said, cycle, It goes back to one)

Another important note: Programe requirements drive the program development cycle

Here are a few notes I took while reading Programing in Javascript, this may be of use to people in the future anyway

Credit goes too..
Shelly Cashman and Starks Mick
Books called Java Programming complete concepts and techniques

Thom's Law
"Nothing can not produce something. If there was ever a time when there was nothing, there would STILL be nothing."


This really sounds more like a general production cycle rather than specific to Java/JS