Air Superiority

Started by Korazone, 03-03-2009

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Air Superiority is a mod currently in it's formative stages. Work has yet to begin in earnest but it soon will, so check back regularly for updates.

Air Superiority is to be a Co-operative multiplayer game based on the Orange Box Source engine. A section of players will do battle against several companies of computer controlled adversaries, with only proper coordination being the deciding factor in whether they will come out on top. Teamwork and cooperation will not only be rewarded but will actually be the only way to complete a campaign alive. It will not be a question of will you bother working together this round but one of how will you work together this round to simply stay alive.

For the first release we are aiming for:
One Gamemode, with two primary and one secondary objectives
One Campaign spanning five levels
One Computer controlled adversary
One Playable character
Two Classes

Specifics will be made available when the details are finalised. Stay tuned.