Dr. J.R. Doherty

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Dr. John-Robert Doherty







Right handed

Distinguishing Marks

Cybernetics/Replaced parts

Physical Description
Tall, Gaunt and pale. He looks older than he is

Sly, stubborn, Cynical and untrustworthy

Character Traits
Excellent Medical and Pharmaceutical Knowledge, Silver tonged

Character Flaws
Reliant on others, Suffers high blood pressure and is developing kidney failure

Does not like his routine disrupting

A lonely man; wife left years ago and his daughter couldn't stand the sight of him and his grandson whom he hasn't seen


His grandson whom he writes unanswered letters to regularly

Most of the populace of his former colony

Final Will & Testament
He wishes to have his ashes compressed into a diamond to be given to his daughter.

Former Career

Basic Skills
Has a basic understanding of cooking from many years alone prior to his conviction

Not qualified as a surgeon but has a good understanding of Human Anatomy and how to fix leaks

Wood Crafting
A past time practiced for around a decade - was very good before becoming old and frail

Advanced Skills
Medicine, Doctoring, counseling

Lacking Skills
Manual Labor

How/Why you were brought aboard the U.M.S.C Retribution Prison Barge?
Poisoning (and killing) ~30 Convicts while working in the canteen using pest control poison

WIP - Will beef out the backstory when i can. But heres the very basic:

Childhood - Not important, Standard single parent upbringing on a small (4-5 Million) self-sustained colony
Teens - nothing significant, standard single parent upbringing
Early Adulthood - Worked in a factory overseeing a shop floor, married wife had a kid. Pretty standard.
Adulthood - Midlife crisis, quit his job,  moved close to his mother and aided her in her final months as she died of malignant cancer, unable to afford treatment, he gave her lots of painkillers effectively killing her.
Midlife - Fought his way into medical school, covering up mental anguish splashing out the last of his money, loosing his wife in the process keeping his Daughter. Managed to get through doing quite well and became a General Practitioner in a large surgery located in his colony.
Midlife Continued - Stress began to take its toll, seeing ill elderly people. He over-prescribed painkillers and medications to ease elderly patients, especially women of their pain (apparently). Realistically he preyed on them as easy targets killing them without raising too much suspicion as with his mother.
Conviction - Finally caught after killing (or aiding in death) to between 130 - 200 elderly patients. Pleading innocence and exclaiming he was just helping them lead to only a handful of these making it to a court. A true Prolific Serial Killer
Incarceration - Incarcerated on his home colony, he worked in the Kitchen and added pest-control poison to the food after being nick-named the 'Granny Killer' by the local inmates and killed ~30. Then transferred.

Just a note that something similar happened in the UK years back, thought it would be interesting to incorporate it into this char.

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Very interesting character- I was hoping to see a few legitimate convicts on the ship who deserved to be there. You've got my approval, so I look forward to seeing how you play with the rest of the bunch.