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-Right handed-

Distinguishing Marks
-Scar across his left forearm. (Obtained when attempting to flee from his home city after being selected to further the VEP)-

Cybernetics/Replaced parts

Physical Description
-Very tall and skinny, no muscle mass on his body, slightly chubby in his stomach area.-

-Rebellious. Fast to trust others when he shares similar thoughts to them.-

Character Traits
-Natural born leader.-

Character Flaws
-Does not solve his problems by talking.-

-Likes to tinker with old machines, even during battle.-

-His family has disowned him and he no longer knows where they are.-


-None at this time.-

-Any Apex involved with the Miniknog.-

Final Will & Testament
-No plans have been made for him upon his death.-

Former Career

Basic Skills
-Barus learned to cook at a young age, taught by his primary schooling to prepare him for life in his own home-

-General Survival-
-Learning new survival skills from people he traveled with after running away, Barus has picked up a general knowledge of the survival basics-

-Having to treat countless injuries with the supplies around him while on his own, Barus has a basic understanding of the Apex body and is able to treat most basic injures such as cuts and sprains-

Advanced Skills
-Engineering, Repair and Skilled in handling firearms.-

Lacking Skills
-Strength, Agility, Not skilled with melee weapons.-

How/Why you were brought aboard the U.M.S.C Retribution Prison Barge?
-Successfully inciting a riot inside of a USMC prison. He got into the prison by [DATA REDACTED].-

-Born in the slums of a large Apex city-
-Grew up oblivious to what the Miniknog were doing around him-
-Slowly started to realize what they were truly doing in his late teenage years-
-Worked from the age of 17 to 19 as an engineer for the city-
-Ran away from the city at 19, after a battle with the city guard-
-Spent 4 years catching rides from planet to planet with all kinds of people-
-Tried to take over a USMC Prison with help from the prisoners, didn't work completely to plan-
-Got captured and thrown onto the U.M.S.C. Retribution prison barge-

(Too early in the morning to write a full background story, will be completed soon)


Looks good to me thus far. We don't need a whole heck of a lot of detail, mostly it's just to determine what sort of playstyle you have and what your character will be like. I have a pretty good idea of him now, but more information is always a plus.


Personally I like the dot point format here, it's great to get a firm grip of the character without having to read a book, it leaves plenty to be expanded upon during roleplay.

A few dot points as to how he acquired those basic skills, advanced skills are covered really by being an engineer, but did he go camping or read standard issue survival manuals or something?

Other than that I'd like to approve


Fixed the basic skills.


Much better, I love it.