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That's the first thing anyone notices about Maria, whenever she finally leaves her husband's house to wash clothes, sweep taverns, clean houses, and earn a living. The bruises. They don't note the dark, almost delicate red hair that falls around her face, coming loose from the messy bun she ties it in, nor her brilliant green eyes, and weary smile. It's the faint scratches, the barely healing marks on her neck, and the slightly pained way she moves, sometimes, the night after her husband gets paid. That's not to say that Maria's situation is, in any way, unusual. A woman respects her husband; she is subservient to him, sworn to him, no matter what. Even if there's a faint burnmark on her fingers from where he held her hands in the fire, when she burnt food.When, or if, she speaks, it's always delicate. Nervous, and carefully chosen, as if she's constantly appraising, watching for consequences. That, on its own, isn't surprising. The last person who offered her help decided that such a delicate woman should be his own, and she was met with both the violence of a noble house, and the husband who felt betrayed. So, rather than speak, smile, or even stand out, in any way, she merely lives. Lowering her clothes into the well and scrubbing them against rocks with her fingers with the other women of the village, pounding out stains with rocks, and occasionally pulling at her own pale green robes, trying to cover herself up better.

It's the life of an abused, miserable peasant in a world where the gap between rich and poor is so large as to be impossible to cross. And, sadly, it's not that special.

Hair: Red. It's tied up in a bun when she's washing, or dangles behind her head.
Eyes: Green.
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 124 lbs.
Age: 32

Race: Human
Birthplace: Ravendale. Her family still lives there.
Homeland: Crussaria; she's never ventured far in its' borders.
Religion: Follower of Cybil, God of Love and Family.
Family: Darren Veluca, her husband. She's miscarried, twice.

Skills: Washing clothes. Being sad.
Weaknesses: Plenty.
Alignment: True Neutral
Class: Commoner
Items: Peasant clothing, a few copper crowns.

A few people have begun to notice the quiet woman, taking not of her. She's become good friends with a priest of Cybil, regularly chatting with him over her own devout faith. And while she initially started out hesitant and fearful of the creature's appearance, she's slowly beginning to, at least, treat Varialle-Tei with a measure of respect, able to appreciate the similarities between their abused situations. A man by the name of Terrowin has given her money and expressed concern, as well, though she's unwilling to speak out about her situation.

Yay, it's me. I'm back with another depressingly realistic character; a foil to all the hardasses. Hopefully, she's there to break a few hearts, get a few tears, and make people feel despondent. Domestic violence is fairly real, even in our time, and in a medieval society, it would have been very common. Maria, however, is a very visible victim, and someone people might latch to.Originally, I had someone to play her abusive husband, but since they've left and weren't too active to start with... I've left the husband as an NPC right now, as playing him would be awkward. If need be, he'll be done in /it, but if you think you could pull off an occasionally abusive husband with little power, beyond his household, then let me know.

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Absolutely beautiful.

I think it only adds to the feeling of monotonous melancholy to have a story about a "boring ole" peasant written so well.

Bravo to you.
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Good character.

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Thank you; I take immense pride in my writing, so having someone compliment it is always enjoyable. And I was always going to play an ordinary person. It only makes it more incredible when she's thrust into things that are strange, and bizarre.

Besides, Exile, you gave me my well.

For various reasons, I'm not at HGN much any more.
I'll see you all around, though, some time...