Started by Snacks, 28-11-2009

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Well I guess I should introduce myself in the forum, since I've been a member for a few months now.

My name is Snacks, but I used to be called Ninja Bartender.  I am a very serious player.  I rarely act stupid, only when the server isn't going through a LB or an event.  I have been playing ever since May, but joined around late September, during a LB.  I've been in the server while it was being targeted supposedly by S.S.  Who I hate not just because I'm in HGN, but because I've had problems with them prior to me joining HGN.  I "LOVE" commanding in LB's.  A few admins know me and have seen me command, and well, I certainly have won more than I have lost.

I really think HGN BG is the best clan, community, or group in BG.  Many others are so childish, unorganized, and dull.  Joining HGN at the time I did was not a very good time.  As the server had been attacked by chat spammers, the ones who make ur chat lag and slow ur computer, and I also was there for the recent server crash.  A very horrible thing to happen especially since chances are that it was hacked.  But what I love about HGN is the nice server, the disciplinary, but friendly admins, and organized events.  It's not a server that's 24/7 Line Battle, which would completely fail.

So yeah, this is me, some facts about me, just so you know who I am in game.