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Started by Blake.H, 13-01-2021

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Server ID: HGN Campaign | Vote Enabled
Password: deeper (May not always be enabled)
Slots: 12 (Capped at 7 currently)

HGN Barotrauma server is a mostly serious experience with light roleplay optional. Join as crew or captain aboard a growing number of vessels available in missions (available always) or campaigns (Available via Admins see '#campaign-announcements' on discord)

1) Griefing will result in removal.
2) No pointless murder, without reason.
3) Sabotage is not allowed unless you are a traitor and that function is enabled.
4) You may only carry a revolver or knife whilst inside the ship/sub, security and the captain are the exception to this and may overrule this.
5) Mutiny is allowed only if by unanimous decision of the crew.
6) Your captain has the final say.

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