What Direction do you want HGN to Go?

Started by Silver Knight, 22-04-2014

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Silver Knight

Hi Community, looking for speculation\feedback on the direction you feel HGN should go. We have been out of the GMOD community for near on a year now, so much has appeared in that time in my life due to all the free time i have had but i am forever reminded of all the ventures HGN has done in-regards to all our servers and i constantly get reminded of STALKER role-play through former players commenting how they miss it, will i bring it back, more so than any other project.

I don't exactly have a huge amount of spare time on my hands these days, HGN still retains mild activity even with only one game server active but perhaps i might consider putting /yet/ another GMOD server up, depending on the demand for one. STALKER has had several communities trying to fill the void which HGN left behind upon closing our SRP and none have actually managed to do so, of course, TnB took the torch with SRP, David vs Goliath approach never works out the same story in GMOD and we became a shadow in the fold of things.

We will have our Minecraft Roleplay server up soon in the coming weeks, the management of the server has been passed around several times but it might finally come alive again.

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HGN needs to go one way.


We really need to refocus and re-expand ourselves.
From Forum Roleplay to Server Roleplay, HGN is a community and it rises and falls as such.
There will always be new games to try, and new people to meet.

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Set up FOnline roleplay, easy to make maps, skins and all that.
Not sure about server, how to run it and such tho

Its F2P too