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Started by Blake.H, 18-08-2015

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There is currently a position open in the Community Management Team. If you are interested in joining please read the information below and submit your application Via PM to Blake.

What does the CMT do?

Bans/Unbans - Reviews all Ban reports to ensure they are fair and unbiased and reviews unban requests.
Staff Management - Deals with any reports of admin abuse or general idiotic admins.
Playerbase Management - Ensure eDrama is dealt with through private mediums and should always attempt to diffuse a bad situation. And to keep the player Watch List up to date.
Staff Roster - To ensure that the Global Staff Roster is kept up to date.
Forums - Moderate posts on the forums and issue warnings/prune topics as need.

What are the requirements?

- At least 150 Posts*
- At least 1 Year in the community
- No infractions on record*

How do I apply?

You cant. The position is no longer available.

[spoiler=Old application]

[b]SteamID or Profile Link[/b]:

[b]Any endorsements?[/b]:

[b]Any previous experience?[/b]:

[b]Truthfully, how old are you?[/b]:

[b]Why would you like to join CMT?[/b]:

If you have any problems feel free to contact me via PM or steam ([/spoiler]

CMT Manager

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