Airena Map released

Started by Silver Knight, 30-01-2014

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Silver Knight

I decided to release my Airena garry's mod map onto the steam workshop, it's fully packaged as a addon so anyone can appreciate my previous work on my college-summer project of 2011.

QuoteThis is a map that i (SilverKnight) made for a Scifi MMO project on a heavily modified underdone script called Airena, back in 2011. I am just releasing this map as a standalone so others can enjoy my previous work.

What it features:

Sci-fi map - A mixture of star wars\mass effect feel.
-Large open snowy work
-Large base with corridors, kiosk, medbay and one or two rooms.
-Several buildings out in the open
-Small underground tunnel system
-World Snow effect

This was designed for a mmorpg and as such was made somewhat plain, there is actually a more detailed version with extensions to the base, underground and overall world however i never released it, if i get popular demand i may do so if i ever get the time.

You can find it here:

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snow effects on a snow planet.

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