The return of Killdead660

Started by Kevin Baker, 20-09-2016

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Kevin Baker

Hello users of Hypergaming Network. I'm it will surprise many of you that I, the former idiot/troll/minge--I'm sure many of you have your own descriptions of my previous experience on HGN, have decided to register a new account. As long as this account doesn't get banned by SilverKnight I would love to be a part of this community in a postitive way. I'm a sophomore in college now, am a proud member of a fraternity  & am not longer the idiot I was from 2009-2012. I have matured a great deal since I was banned.
I would like to sincerely apologize for..well pretty much everything. I was a complete fucking moron. Probably due to me only being 14-15 at the time.
The ultimate decision of course will be made by SilverKnight. Although if you do remember me, I apologize for anything I...everything I did. I am a CPL  on Arma 3 life's  Sheriff's Office  & am a Super Admin on Defconnation's CityRP. (First response) I would like to hear the communities opinion & whether or not they support my return. Please +support or -support along with s breif message. Thank you so much Hypergaming Network for teaching me that it's not okay to be an idiot on the Internet when you're 15 & thank you for always being on my ass. I now realize--just how fucking stupid I was. I re-read my old posts. They're cringe worthy. Since its been four  years at the minimum, what do you say, can I come back?
-Kevin Baker/Killdead 660


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