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Started by Paintcheck, 19-02-2011

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I am terrible at most other artistic ventures but I do know a thing or two about photography so here's some of my work. All of these are straight from the camera, no photoshop (because I do not have it. These were all taken at an Point Magoo in California.

So today Kendall Marshall and Harrison Barnes showed up to my dorm to play basketball. For those of you who don't know who these people are, you don't follow college basketball. Barnes is "the second coming of Michael Jordan" and Marshall holds the record for most assists in a single game at UNC (which he set two weeks ago). The quality of these shots is pretty bad because

1. It's dark outside
2. I don't have my other lens so I'm stuck with a telephoto which doesn't do well in low light up close
and 3. The limited resolution of my camera makes high ISO shots look noisy.

But all that said some of these came out rather good

Harrison Barnes dunking over some poor guy (best shot all day I think, noisy as fuck due to the high ISO. Deal with it, I'll get a new camera at some point)

HB trying for a put back (he actually missed this shot but it still looks cool imo)

Kendall Marshall hanging out before the game

Marshall on a finger roll

Marshall on another layup

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Ah. So your interested in planes. Ive been to about 60 airshows in my life. Used to be in the air cadets. Good fun.

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Yeah I've been to a ton myself, I go to point Magoo every year if I can because they always have the most amazing stuff (they had an F-22 flight a few years ago, among other things).

On my harddrive at home I have lots more pics from other air shows, the Smithsonian air museum and some landscape photography from Hawai'i.


I've never been to a airshow, I've never been within 1 mile of a jet besides the time I flew out to cali. :\


If you have any interest in military aviation then they are awesome.

Also the forums kind of wrecked the edges and shit so my composition was kind of lost. Use the scroll bar at the bottom.


Nice shots paint. I like the angles. And if I remember back to when I was a little guy, you have a formation shot of the Thunderbird's there.
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Nicely done, especially the last one with the Thunderbird's  flying could fit in any magazine about planes.


I tend to avoid having people in my shots, because they are the one thing I cannot anticipate and seem to make my photos look less professional.

I like the planes though. Very nice.


Good pictures; iv'e been to alot of airshows here in the UK. :)


Nice stuff Paint, get your hands on a nicer camera.


Quote from: eroticduck on 20-02-2011
I tend to avoid having people in my shots, because they are the one thing I cannot anticipate and seem to make my photos look less professional.

I like the planes though. Very nice.

I agree but there was no way to avoid that with the C-17 pictures. Although I would have cropped the one of it taking off to get rid of the crowd had I had Photoshop still installed (seems like every time I install it something bad happens to the computer it is installed on and I need to reformat and lose it again).

And yes I do need a nicer camera. These were all taken on my Canon EOS10D which is coming up on...8 years old I think. 5 megapixels. Oh yeah.


First post edited with some sport shots.


I like the second set more than the first. Not that they're bad, I just think the angles and subjects are loads cooler and look a lot less "set up". Not saying the first are set up either, but you know what I'm saying.

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I just wish I had either my other lens (which could go down to F1.8 ) or a better camera for those.

...Or better conditions outside. Like light. The airshow photos were taken with the same lens and camera and look so much better because it was sunny(ish) outside.


Where are you going to college at?


Clearing out some space on my memory card found a pretty nice shot with my new (well new when this picture was taken in late August 2011) camera (EOS T2i, a marked improvement over my EOS 10D). More will be coming when I get home from vacation and have internet that isn't stupidly slow.

and some football shots all taken from pretty high up in the stadium. Thank you Canon 50-250 telephoto. Also the forums did some weird resizing so....sorry these are kind of small


Going through some of my shots from Maui (more are coming)


Man.That photo.


I have some MUCH better ones coming as soon as my dad gets home and can teach me how he does his panaramas. This one is a little bit washed out, the lighting was not very good this day so I will probably touch up in Photoshop but I like being honest so this is the in-camera version before "cheater mode" was applied

And here's some nicer ones

And one that I actually took a while ago with my phone but figured I'd add to this because it's not a bad shot