Headcrabs' big topic of Posing

Started by Dragon, 25-01-2012

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What's up? You've probably waltzed into this here topic in the name of seeing what I have made a pretty pose of in Garry's Mod.
If not, I don't know what you expected to see when you came in here, perhaps you expected me to take pictures of myself in front of a mirror since the title said "Posing?"

Anyway, just take note; I will rarely use photoshop in all of my images, since I am quite frankly shit with it. Yes, it's little Ps icon is on my desktop, but it seems like the cockpit of a freaking jet to me. I MAY, at times, make subtle edits to my picture using it, or I may use it to slap together images to make a comic.

Anyway; here. Have an image of what I just recently posed in Garrysmod, a little Crussaria pose.

Feel free to criticize this, folks. If you have any posing requests, then feel free to share your ideas.
If you want one of your own works to be criticized or commented on, feel free to post it here, I will spill my thoughts onto it.
"Is it just me, or have peoples' hands been growing out of their asses lately?"