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Name: Zaeh'Ga Pronounced: Sah-Gah
Origin Planet: Zaeh'Ga'Das'Maemm

The Zaeh'Ga, or as better know as 'Sah-Gah' are the sentient species to a small planet towards the edge of the system, Zaeh'Ga'Das'Maemm.


The Unknown Years, Pre-Literature
This species are believed to have began to evolve around 2,000,000 BBY, which is around the time Wookies and Sullustans begun their evolution they learned quickly how to use tools and improvised weapons to protect themselves against the the other, Less evolved sentient animals.

Some time around 1,997,000 BBY it is believed that the Sah-Gah had developed into a major city. This city constructed on the super-continent (Das'faar), inside  the only canyon on the planet, chiselled and mined into the sandstone rock face, the species stopped expanding when both sides of the canyon were full. This City is now known as Hegh'med (The crumbling).

Sometime between 1,980,000 BBY and 1,970,000 BBY the first literature is born they began to mine and process metal more efficiently and a new city was formed on the other side of the super-continent using their old stone-crafting and new metal-working skills. This City known recorded as Hegh'Mora'Ha (The Rising). Around the same time Hegh'Med began expanding out of the canyon and across the surface.

The Golden Years, Pre-War
In 1,948,045 BBY a third city was born on the smaller, forested continent (Das'Daeger). By this time the population of the planet was somewhere in the region of 20,000,000 Zaeh'Ga. In 1,932,342 BBY a national celebration is held on Das'Daeger on the discovery of a vast tunnel network under the continent, this lined with unimaginable amounts of Tydirium this is said to have triggered a golden age as this Tydirium is processed used to make better and more stronger building materials. After the founding of the Tydiruim ore vein this City was recorded to have been called Hegh'Nagen (The Powerful)

The Million Year War, Pre-Asteroid Impact
During the late parts of 1,300,000 BBY a war of pride and honour broke out between the three super cities. Each city would produce one huge army each peaking between two and four million souls. If one army was bigger the others would retreat and reinforce. The only time armies openly attacked was if all three armies had seemingly equal numbers at which point the armies would openly charge at each other, without reinforcements, until one side won the battle by killing every single opposition, when an attack began they lasted anything up to a full orbital period(462 Days) of non-stop combat.

Once one war was over, a new army was trained. Due to these huge numbers of losses at these 'Honour Wars' the population was kept down, it is believed but not confirmed that this was the intention of the cities counsels at the time.

The 'Honour' Wars lasted over a million years, it finally ended in 392,340 BBY after a three year battle with over 12 million lives lost.

Near-Extermination, The Asteroid Impact

It is recorded that in 294,034 BBY an asteroid was predicted to hit the planet in by 67,000 BBY. This was ignored by the cities councils and had all planet observatories destroyed and those who worked 'Dealt' with. This was done because the planets hierarchy (the same as most on the planet) believed that everything in space was still and only spun on one axis.

As predicted in 67,360 BBY a small, flat asteroid hit the planet. The Cities of Hegh'Med and Hegh'Mora'Ha were destroyed near instantly, only the Canyon's buildings (Which were now abandoned for life on the surface) survived.

The City of Hegh'Nagen did not get affected much by the initial impact, not only by its position relative to the impact but also in part due to the Tydirium it was mostly made of. Though within hours the atmosphere began heating up, and the toxins contained within the ground released upwards began to choke the populace. Those who could retreated into the mines though most of the city were killed.

There is no official recorded history from 67,360 BBY to 24,563 BBY.

Although some ' Wall Paintings' and scripture have been found inside Hegh'Med which could indicate that some Zaeh'Gar survived the impact and in present day 'Savages' are still found attacking visitors to The Crumbling though little Is known about them.

The Emergence, Post-Asteroid Impact
In 24,563 BBY only around 35,000 beings remained of the planets populace these emerged from their tunnel networks and began their walk to the old city of Hegh'Negan. This is known as 'Was'Goger' (The Mass March).

The Immigration of Humans
A group of fifty Hegh'Negan found an unfamiliar sight as they travelled to their ancestors city. Masked humanoid figures, humans, holding Slugthrowers. These humans guarding an Early Republic Hyperdrive Transport Ship. The ships hyperdrive had malfunctioned while on a routine colonist emegration from Coruscant to Eriadu. Sending the colonist into the Unknown Territories. On finding major malfunction's on its primary systems they scanned for the nearest Type-I and Type-II Planets, Zaeh'Ga'Das'Maemm was the closest in an attempt to land an repair their ship.

After a few hours of staring each other off A group of four humans aproached the midpoint between the ship and the mass of Zaeh'Ga to which ten the Zaeh'Ga approached, armed with quickly crafted wooden spears and made basic communication with the Republicans using body language and drawings to show that they were friendly also showing the way to Hegh'Negan.
After several years the humans and Zaeh'Ga co-existed in Zaeh'Ga. The Zaeh'Ga finding it quite easy to pick up the humans language (Galactic Basic Standard).

The Founding of a Space Port

[Work Needed]

Planet Status

RegionUnknown Territories
Grid CoordinatesH-19
Rotation24 Standard Hours
Orbital Period462 Local Days

AtmosphereType II
Primary Terrain

‣  Vast Desert Wasteland
‣  Dead Sea
‣  Underground Tunnel Network
‣  Some small normal temperate rainforests
Points of Interest

‣  Asteroid Crater
‣  The Crumbling (Ancient Destroyed City)
‣  The Rising (Destroyed City)

Native Species
‣  Zaeh'Ga
‣  Zaeh'Deo'Gab (Zaeh'Ga Savages)
Immigrated SpeciesHuman
Primary Language(s)

‣  Galactic Basic Standard
‣  Formerly: Das'Maem
Major Imports
‣  Foodstuffs
‣  Breath masks
AfiliationThe Afearatir Union  (Loosely)

Orbital Planet Scan

Biology and Appearance
‣  Asexual – Reproduction 30 years after birth
‣  Sharp teeth (Non combatant)
‣  Four eyes – Good, sharp sight.
‣  Extended Cranium
‣  Brain  Functionality booster – Fast Learners
‣  Normal  Lifespan ~60-70 Years (~30-40 Years Post-Asteroid)
[The Basics, Work Needed]


‣  Industrious
‣  Caste Society: Guider Caste (leaders) >  Development Caste(Science) > Watcher Caste(Work Enforcers, Lawmen)  ≥  Econamy Caste (Bureaucracy, Trade, Work Force Management) > Worker Caste (Servants, Laborers)

‣  xenophilous
‣  Narcissistic

[The Basics, Work Needed]

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Bump. Its not complete, but views so far?

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Are these species able to speak basic? Or are they like Wookies and lack the required organs for them to speak Basic?


Quote from: RG4ORDR on 26-05-2012
Are these species able to speak basic? Or are they like Wookies and lack the required organs for them to speak Basic?
Its listed under 'Social'
Primary Language(s)   
‣  Galactic Basic Standard
‣  Formerly: Das'Maem

This is due to Human colonization (Which will be written up on in the next couple of paragraphs). Though i'm not sure how well they will be able to speak it. I may add that the pronunciation of some Syllables (which will be noted) are difficult or sound different.

ref_DevCon.smd: david star is the only heir of the ecologist throne
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