Post Your Biggest Army, Character, Best Battle, Etc.

Started by mrd, 01-02-2009

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My best character is Ducky, he is level 40 and rapes at one-handed. He has over 200 weapons proficiency in it.

My biggest and best are has to be the army I had for all of one hour. 50 Swadian Knights, and 150 forest bandits.

Best battle was when there were 600 troops attacking me at once and I was done for. But luckily, the King of Swadia came with 200 knights and 100 crossbow men. That was a fun, laggy day.

Silver Knight

Around 300, i had 40, hard worn veterans with me, we raided a town, burnt it to the ground, and then this lord attacked, oh shit ! sparks flew, i charged in, with my calvary and crossbowmen at the rear, took out as many infantry as i could before my horse fell, then i was fighting on my ass, taking out one man at a time, my men holding strong, battling with the enermys own calvary.

It lasted for ages, the knights last to go.

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(OOC) Is this a free game? Or do I have to buy it. I watched some video's it looks epic.)

Nevermind, you have to pay, none the less I am cheap plus you can just download it from the site.



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My biggest battle was a castle defense, 200 or so ( mine ) v 1000 ( Cursed rhodoks )
I won with no casualties :x
Dont say hax D;
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Fuck! Thats one hell of a necro man! 500 exp!
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me and 100 elites agianst 756 my guy was lvl 65 :] i pwned


30 lord knightsm and me versus, 1000 strong army, we won, but i had to switch horse alot... damn arrows


My biggest army Is +100 swadian knight with my lvl28 character(no hax) with two handed axe
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Off topic, Is this game worth getting?


King Torje Lvl 54 - 400 units or more.. Cant remember.. been a while. ANd :D My name is Torje :P

King Torje FTW :)
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Hawke (The main character of Dragon Age 2) named after me :D


u can't. of course not until M&B warband is out. but you can become a fief of one of the kingdoms and own some land. and build it up to a castle


I had Lady Kieck of Vaegirs, owned a lot.
One time I battled with about 300 vs 100 men (mine is 100), and guess who got defeated? The enemy of course, and I didnt get even ONE of DEAD men.
Offtopic: I thought you cant build a town from a lil' settlement, if yes, tell me the mod.
I'll be playing Poland in M&B Warband.
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Well, I defeated a soldier by myself, that was my biggest pwnage! I don't really play Mount & Blade but I think of getting it :P


Hmm, my biggest battle would probally be when I had only 50 calvarly against like 200 footmen, we just charged them like hell and i had no casulaties :D


Largest army was 170ish.

Best battle was defending my castle as Nords with about 80 beserkers against over 600 Rhodok's. Obviously I lost the battle but I got over 250 kills myself. If I can find the screenies I'll post them.

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It would be great to see some pictures, not sure what this game is like yet


My largest army was like... 170 people. I always play Nords since they just kick ass at everything.
Anyway, I heard that a castle was being seiged, so I took a look at my army, and figured I could beat an enemy army, maybe even two at once. I get to the castle, there's one army encamped there (Bloody Rhodoks). I charge with my nords, and we just crush them. I see that the castle is still being seiged, so I go inside and wait a bit. After about a day of waiting IG, I see no fewer then 7 Rhodok armies, with roughly 150 people each, surround it.
I go 'ohshi- and they siege. There were around 70 people stationed in the castle, alongside my 168. So, 240 against around about 1050.

Wasn't pretty. We held out a damn long time, but they just kept coming, and coming, and coming, and coming. And they eventually whittled us down.
The reason we held on so long is because we held up in one of the towers, just before the main courtyard. It was the only way down into the courtyard. I stationed everyone, archers, melee, everyone, at the bottom of the stairs, which we held for maybe a good 20 minutes.

This was pretty late in the fighting. I had a handful of guys left, alongside myself, and we just were overwhelmed. (It was in between reinforcement waves.)

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Little Dark angel this isnt WoW and you are a necro

this section is Mount&Blade


I had Roran of Swadia. He was a level 47, i had 40 Swadian knights, I used a cheat to get 20 more so 80 knights and a bunch of archers, I charged one of the Vaegirs castles and it was a 1 hour battle. I thougt i would have lost against 200 Men, but i had good orders and we pulled it off... AMazing laggy stuff


Im a noob my best army was 39 highly trained calvary. My most epic battle was just me on foot fighting 69 men. I was captured before it and only ahd my weapons nothing else. I lost obviously.