L4D 2 Vs. Borderlands

Started by Moss, 31-10-2009

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I've heard from my friends and other people that they don't know what to buy.

They like the new L4D 2 with the new weapons and zombies; but they also like Borderlands because its got a cool style to it.

Post what you think they should get and what I'll probably be getting.
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Meh i have both, they both arn't that special. Im probably just undermining L4d2 because of how ignorent and bastards Valve were. L4d2 should have been a expansion/Paid Dlc not a stand alone game. They have just took the game, added several improvements, a few new infected, 4 new survivors, combined it in some campaigns, threw in some player suggestions and called it a new game.


What they have added:

Melee Weapons & Wider range of guns on l4d's poor choice of weapons.
5 New Campaigns.
4 New Surviors (Not as good as l4d).
3 New Infected.
Sub Infected Special Zombies.
Zombies can be gibbed better.
Some new items

Weapons are not in piles anymore, obvious failure of them in the first game.
Witches get up and walk around.
Melee knockbacks isn't so fast.

The Downs:
Bad Character Design/Voicing/Acting
Bad quality music
Daylight doesn't suit a zombie game
Levels appear very linear, fake doors & big open boring spaces

Borderlands is interesting enough but alot of things do my head in on the game, the fact that it's level based disables you from killing enermies greater than yours, turning it into a real borefest quickly. The graphics are nice, pretty fresh, and the layouts are pretty good. But you really don't have any inpact on the world, kill a whole hive of Scrags, and they spawn in 10 minutes, complete a quest and nothing changes.

The conclusion to this is, wait until both games go down in price, to the extent where your happy to pay. Left 4 Dead should have got most of those improvements as DLC, and not on a new standalone game, i feel cheated as much as anyone else, they promised DLC for left for dead, and they gave us a boring campaign and pointless mode and said, that's it folks, now go buy l4d2.

Valve have lost alot of respect for this move, and left for dead 2 isn't even that great, they took some idea's we had been throwing at them for along time and said "Look mommie, i dids it, now wear it" A kid to the outside world, a childish move. Borderlands is really for anyone who can stomach full on Wow-like mmorpg's which is in single player. It's like fallout 3 watered down to the bare theme and then wow merged into it. If your buying borderlands because of the vehicles, don't they suck, the weapons are good though.

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L4D2 because I can rent borderlands.


Borderlands all the way, Cause I like free roaming games, Especially if its a RPS.


,,RPG and Shooter game made a baby"=Borderlands
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Well if you think about it fallout3 is basiclly the same concept as that.

It is a rpg shooter...

Also oblivion.

I voted l4d2 since I am a major,major l4d fan.

I love borderlands though it is a great game. It is like if hellgate London grew 10 balls and got better graphics and and molded from poop into gold.


I'd say Borderlands.
Its quite creative and new, alot more fun then L4D2.
I will ofcourse get L4D2 aswell, but Borderlands is alot more "fun"
L4D2 is alot more serious.
So, if you want to have it fun with 3 other friends, Borderlands
If you want to have another sort of serious fun, L4D2

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I don't care haven't played L4D 2 and Borderlands >;V

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Fuck now i want L4D 2 coz of BIll's Hat.


Every two games is good, but I think Borderlands is the best.


I don't like borderlands so I'll just vote for L4D 2...

I've been playing Borderlands and L4D 2 too, so don't say that I didn't :P


Well Borderlands and l4d2 i would say are pretty equaly matched.


I'd say Borderlands just because I have L4D 1 and it's like the same game. Borderlands is original


I have border lands and its good but iw ant l4d2 so i voted both XD
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I like both, alothough i sort of like borderlands better.


Borderlands is excellent, it has amazing gameplay and the character progression is excellent. Just being able to hop in and out of online play is also much better than L4D2's standard way. It's just a shame that Borderlands pretty much fails when it comes to actually working online. Borderlands is still my favorite, just have to give it the edge when it comes to potential.

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I voted borderlands because I cant stand left for dead two. Mainly the story is to simple and you just run and shoot but you could say the same for borderlands 
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Haven't played Borderlands, but I have played l4d2 AND IT IS CRAZY GOOD.


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I have both games theyre awesome xD


Im surprised so many people posted and Viewed this :\

Finally locked it for I can get it now :3

Looks like its borderlands.
Moss--it has the charm of a creeping tune~Even in darkness it still grows.

Why do I love Moss?

I have been asked this question many times. Unfortunately, their is not one easy answer that I can give you.


L4D2 wasn't that bad, but it was pretty much same thing as L4D.
Althought, Borderland, is nice, but you get tired of it after a while (Mostly if your playing it alone).



You can't compare these two games! They are both completely different from eachother.

Borderlands is a original RPG.

Left for Dead is a retarded run around with god-mode un-original zombie shooter. 


Im going to have to side with Zstan here L4D2 should not be compared to Borderlands they are both good but have nothing even remotely to be compared about =/
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