Help with the Exterminatus2 server

Started by Joven, 22-01-2011

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Hello folks,
Thanks for setting up a server for Exterminatus RS2, it really comes in handy to have a stable US server with such a player capacity.
The point of my visit is that I have to ask whether somebody could update the server, as it still runs the old .04 version. Could you tell me the proper person to refer to?

We really need your server, we're having quite a surge in player numbers, and demands for a bigger server are voiced.
You can find the current version here.

Please contact me as soon as possible.
Kind regards, Joven

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I have updated the server. You may refer to me if you have any questions or problems. Please use our Exterminatus server section under "HGN Supported Servers". I put up the Exterminatus server to provide support to the mod and will continue to do so, however the demand for use by our own members has dwindled alot.

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Going to install this and play it again, hope our server will be full. ^^


Thank you very much for your fast response and support, I think I can talk for the whole com if I say you're helping us very much.

I can assure you that your server will be used well ;)  Pay us a visit !