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Started by Chaos, 23-01-2010

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Check it out, it's great.
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I made this mod because of the times when I'd be given a village and do everything I could to make it better, only to see no noticeable effect.  So the main purpose of this mod is to have your efforts on your settlement matter.  Mainly I do this by changing the scene when you finish a stage of development, and having the troops in the scenes be the ones you put in.  Also, the overland map icon changes according to the stages.  Another purpose of this mod is to add more long term goals.  Theres a lot more for me to do but I figured I'd post what I've got so people can try it out or use parts of it.  A lot of what I've made is also based on the things people have requested on the forums.

Basic Details:

Native map but with only custom settlements (currently 8 settlements and 12 empty settlements with names like EmptXXX).  After you claim a settlement you'll be made part of a new faction belonging to you.  You can then rename the settlement and your new faction (will be renamed your current player name, which you can change to achieve desired results), and change its colour.  Then you can work on improving the settlement so you can increase its economy level or military level, both of which start at 0 and can be upgraded to 1 then 2.  If your settlement reaches mili1 you are considered a Lord and get a banner.  If your settlement reaches mili2 you can turn a hero companion into your Steward (betters your settlement over time, useful for organizing your Lords/Ladies when you have them; other functions coming).  If your settlement reaches econ2 and mili2 you are considered King/Queen and can start claiming extra settlements, and for every extra settlement you have you can turn a hero companion into a Lord/Lady.  Currently I've got a fair bit of functionality (much more than I want to list for brevities sake) with minimal issues, but its still a work in progress.

Settlement Main Features:
Growing world.
Patrols, Caravans, and Peasant Parties
Turn 1 hero into your steward
Settlement AI for lords
Multiple Settlements
Turn Heroes into Lords/Ladies
Customizable and upgradeable
Troops can be garrisoned
Can wait in town
Battles nearby take place in the settlement with the help of the settlement troops
Different scenes for each combination of economy and military upgrades (9 different outdoor scenes)
Indoor scenes for tavern (requires economy level 2), manor (military 1), castle (military 2), prison (economy 1, military 2)
Chests you can store items in (1 to start, another one in manor and one more in castle)
Troops in scenes are actual units in the garrison and are active: prisoners run about gathering resources, peasants visit others and spend time at home, troops attack enemies and then return to their post
Occasional random encounters: travellers can visit, looters can wander near and become a nuisance
Time spent in settlement outdoor scenes improves your parties morale (they enjoy the downtime) and your reputation with the settlement
Time spent in settlement indoor scenes has benefits as well depending on building
Patrolling the scene can lower corruption.
Ability to set up mock battles using wooden weapons (got the idea from Lancien) under "Organize Population" menu (adds XP and upgrades to garrisoned troops based on training skill)
Can spend time training workers (upgrades peasants into crafters, increasing productivity)
Can spend time training recruits (upgrades peasants into recruits)
Personal food stores aren't used up when near settlement
Talk to Peasant Elder to get some information about your Lords.
Talk to your lords/ladies to give them orders.

Supplementary Features:

Talk to village elders to convince some of the peasants there to travel to your settlement (when the peasants arrive they'll be added to your garrison and improve the settlements prosperity and such up to a point).
Talk to guild masters to convince them to form a trade route with your settlement (caravans will visit your settlement and improve its prosperity).

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