Been trying out Battlefield: 1942 Forgotten Hope lately

Started by DasHeadCrap, 27-01-2015

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Here's the site for it. Anyways since BF 1942 is now free on Origin and so is the mod I think it's worth trying out if tactical sandbox FPS is your thing. So what is Forgotten Hope? Well from playing it for a week it pretty much turns Battlefield into a discount version of Red Orchestra 2. The specs are really low and the graphics are not half bad. There is no class customization and class mathematics (but bruh my MP40 with super suppressor and extended beta mags!). Instead depending on where the map takes place each side is given a few kits to choose from. Pilots are unarmed for the most part but have parachutes unlike the other classes which eliminates plane crashing and going Rambo in enemy bases. Most guns kill in 1 to 2 shots. The U.S. gets a huge advantage here since the M1 is semi-auto yet doesn't loose firepower to the Kar-98. German armor is typically superior as well as German anti-tank weapons but allied air power is amazing. With over 250 units, tons of eras including the Finish/Soviet war, and dozens of new maps this is a must get. If you love tactics and long range realistic battles (yes you no longer need to be 10 meters away to get a kill, in fact even the bots will engage you at around 300 meters unless they have SMGs) this is a great free thing I recommend. It's endless fun and supports online play. If you're not a fan of battlefield because of snipers and weak tanks this mod also addresses that. Snipers, mortars, heavy machine guns, and German high end weaponry, rather then being nerfed for balance are instead found around the map. This creates incentive to take certain positions even if a flag isn't there. Stopping the enemy team from having the sniper spawn can greatly help your team. Tanks are no longer easy targets for infantry. They dominate the battlefields, are near invincible to the non-shaped charged warheads that where used most of the war, and their machine guns do the same damage as bolt-action rifles (I mean come on a 50.Cal should 1 shot people despite being full auto). Lots of tanks have multiple machine guns and a large cannon so they pose massive threats to infantry. The best way to counter them is other tanks or luring them into towns where infantry dominate. The tanks optics are as horrible as ever just as you'd imagine for WW2 tanks so they have to have more infantry support than say, modern tanks. Each tank has been researched and given the appropriate optics. I find German sights to be better than Soviet for example.

   TL;DR It's free, it's probably the most realistic battlefield game, and you get over 250 units and dozens of fire arms. Get it.
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