-Trader Activity Thread-

Started by whyku, 28-01-2012

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Post so you don't get removed for being in-active. Please and Thank you.

Just post in this format.

IC Name:
OOC Name:
Date Gone:
Date Returned:
Why you are gone:


IC Name:David Kolder
OOC Name: Whyku
Date Gone: Jun 28,2012
Date Returned:
Why you are gone:I will be busy with my up coming birthday and waiting for my new computer to come.
Right now I have lag spikes that make it impossible to RP/trade. I will go on when/if I can.



All traders have a week to prove their activity on this thread.  If you do not reply to this thread you -WILL- be removed.  No exceptions.
(That includes you Whyku)

Message to Whyku, if you prove not to reply yourself expect replacement.  Things are changing and we need the Traders activity if this revive is going to effectively work.  In the mean time I'll be working towards a new system so our economy wont blow out in the future.  Also Whyku as you are managing the traders I'll require your attention on Steam.

Steven :D

IC Name: Markus Black
OOC Name: |HGN| Steven :D
Date Gone: December 2011
Date Returned: TBA
Why you are gone: Lack of people and interest