Crussaria Trader Applications

Started by Silver Knight, 18-07-2011

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Trader Applications

Note: You do not need to apply to be a trader, this is only to aquire access to the trader menu for goods that cannot be obtained through npcs or crafting. That's the point of these applications, if you want to trade, buy items from players\npcs and sell that on to earn money.

There are several stages\types of trader which you can apply for later on. All basic traders can only gain permissions to sell one type of good. Later on you may apply for more goods. So the roster thread for more information.

Basic Trader Rules:
1. You must have at least 50 as a post count and 2 weeks of playing on the Crussaria server. And you must have Tool Trust.
2. Follow the Format, or you will be auto-denied. That means do not add things, or remove things.
3. You need 1 SA or 2 TO/SO's authorization and 1 Trader recommendation to apply. Authentications over two days old will be disregarded. Note, only fallout admins and trader recommendations are accepted. Make authorization visible and legible.
4. You are a Trader, you must act like one. No fighting unless is needed.
5. Attempt to carry what you normally could. No 'Ass-pulling' Gear. You aren't a walking market.
6. Help out players, try to create roleplay.
7. Be active, or get removed.

Application Form

[b]Steam Friends Name:[/b]
[b]Length of Time Spent at HGN:[/b]
[b]STEAM ID:[/b]
[b]Proof of Support From a Admin:[/b]
[b]Proof of Support From a trader:[/b]
[b]Why do you want to be a Trader?:[/b]
[b]Are you in a faction? If so, will you be a faction trader for that faction?:[/b]
[b]Trader's Full Name:[/b]
[b]Your Traders back story (Minimum 2 Paragraphs with a decent grammar):[/b]
[b]Which trader goods are you applying for? [/b]

[i]By applying to be a Trader, I, the applicant, agree to the terms of agreement.[/i]

Terms of agreement: By applying for Trader you agree that you assume FULL responsibility for your Trader License and any actions you may proceed to carry out with it. You also agree that Admins have the right to remove your Trader Flag when they see fit without WARNING.
If you feel like your Trader Flag was wrongfully taken make a detailed post why and PM it to me.

All Admins are subject to these terms as well.

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Steam Friends Name: |HGN-GVC| Steven :D
Length of Time Spent at HGN: Since early 10', so about a year and a half now.
STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:15171330
Proof of Support From a Admin: 

Proof of Support From a trader: [There are no traders ATM]
Why do you want to be a Trader?: Due to the fact that I'm more intrigued in passive RP medieval times than having to ya'know. Go out and do the 'dirty' work.
Are you in a faction? If so, will you be a faction trader for that faction?:
Trader's Full Name: Markus Black
Your Traders back story (Minimum 2 Paragraphs with a decent grammar): Markus was born within Ravendale, to a poor family. He struggled with food daily and his father was very harsh on Markus while he was a child. His mother worked in the local tavern on the outskirts of town, his father owned. At the age of 4, Markus's father tossed his mother and him out on the street while drunk, his mother had it and decided to take Markus and raise him by herself they left Ravensdale, and purchased a very small home outside the walls of the town, with the very little money they had left. She sold herself out, for Markus's better education and food, which eventually lead to a healthy, energetic Markus. Who was interested in purchasing a home for himself and his mother.

Markus was not very strong, due to malnourishment early on in his life. He decided that maybe he could make it as a famous merchant, just maybe. He sought to purchase the Tavern from his father eventually, knowing that it would make him a better man than his abusive father. He begun to take advantage of his education, increasing his knowledge as his mother starved for his better. He eventually sought apprenticeship from a local craftsman, within Ravensdale. Eventually outgrowing his masters teachings so then he returned to Ravensdale for good this time. Looking for wealth and fame.

Which trader goods are you applying for? General Goods

By applying to be a Trader, I, the applicant, agree to the terms of agreement. Aye


Steam Friends Name: Whyku
Length of Time Spent at HGN: About a year.
STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:31963003
Proof of Support From a Admin:

Proof of Support From a trader:
Why do you want to be a Trader?:[/ b]
There is only one trader and no work for others, I would like to change that.

Are you in a faction? If so, will you be a faction trader for that faction?:
Nope, I am not in a faction.

Trader's Full Name:
David Kolder

Your Traders back story (Minimum 2 Paragraphs with a decent grammar):
I started trading back when I was younger working for my dad as a traveling apprentice, tell one day
he took me aside and handed me a small bag of crowns and told me I could be better. So I set off on my own.
With what little gear I had I set off. Many years pasted after that,and I got news of my dad passing away.
I was the only one left in his family so I in returned got everything he owned. After his funeral I took up his company,
moving from town to town gaining in knowledge and coin. I came to a town named "Ravendale" with not many traders passing by.
I took up shop at the local bar.
"The rest of my backround will come out in-game"
Which trader goods are you applying for?
General (Assorted stuff)- Sold by general store runners and merchants.
Maybe some basic weapons

By applying to be a Trader, I, the applicant, agree to the terms of agreement. Yes

Fixed it

Addcepted under conditions I will explain to you Whyku.


Whyku, you need two TO auths or one SA auth. Also your backstory is rather weak considering its made out of barely six sentences and gives your character less description than the front of a generic cereal box.

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Steam Friends Name: RaptorBlackz
Length of Time Spent at HGN: Since the start of hgn, 2008
STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:17514275
Proof of Support From a Admin:
Proof of Support From a trader: 
Why do you want to be a Trader?: Well since i love helping out new players to get started, Lets get people into the crafting business by selling the tools necessary for beginners.
Are you in a faction? If so, will you be a faction trader for that faction?: Im in the Arradorn faction on one character, But no this character is strictly for trading only.
Trader's Full Name: John Whitley
Your Traders back story (Minimum 2 Paragraphs with a decent grammar): John Whitley was at the age 11 when he started his hobby as a tradesman, John's Mother and Father both ran their own stores As General Goods and Fruits Stand.

John first started working with his mother collecting grapes,apples and mushrooms, Sometimes even the bad mushrooms, his mother taught him which were good and bad through his days of work.
For 4 year's John worked with his mother doing deliveries for customers across the lands, His father began to become concerned on what he has been doing and fear for his lifestyle of work, so he dragged John into General goods before he got attached to his mothers work.

John Started his general good trade at the age of 15 with his father, John has grown much older since working with his mother.
John's father gave him more handsome tasks as chopping and collecting wood, Walking to other towns to buy goods for cheaper and sell at a higher price.
John's father also had a side job of metalworking but never really shared much experience with him, He occasional smelting ore into to bars as John watched.

For 5 years he worked with his father until they got into a massive argument, He's father pressured John to pay a outrageous fee for living as a child in their home, So at the age of 20 John left home and took only but his experience and personal grudge.
John now travels Crussaria to be a better man than his father was and to earn a living as a trader.
The end.
Which trader goods are you applying for? General

By applying to be a Trader, I, the applicant, agree to the terms of agreement.

Accepted as a trader, please start making jobs as soon as you can. Also work on the grammar in your app please.
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Steam Freinds Name: 9i800
Time At HGN: 3 Years
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:4468082 
Proof Of Support From An Admin:

Support Of A Trader: Currently no traders. (Wipe etc.)
Why do you want to become a trader?: Currently the server is limited and I would love to
supply quests and items for the heartiest of adventurers.
Any Factions?: Nope 
Trader Name: Jeremias Mason
Traders Backstory:

Jeremias has gave plenty off effort to reach the reputation he has today, it all started as him being an orphan scrambling around for items which he then went to sell on, such items could be food or used clothing or armour that was thrown away soon repaired by Jeremias from some of the skills he had learnt from living in the streets in desperation. A market broke out every Wednesday in his home-town which he always set up his own little stall advertising his goods which still brought attention to the people little of money but still requiring a decent pair of used leather boots or a slightly worn dagger considering Jeremias didn't charge a high price for such items.

He grew up to have to small reputation in his home-town as the cheap-merchant with the amazing quality goods for the prices he was charging, Theranidd could not help noticing the Caravan Merchants that wandered in and out of the city noticing that their mobility helped them gain much more money than sticking into one place. Jeremias saved up his money from his business and decided to buy a cow and cart then deciding to make his first move outside his home-town and explore the world around him as he attempts to carry on selling his goods that he comes across.

He gained alot more reputation as he travelled around becoming a notorious caravan being invited to locations miles away from his home-town along with having his own suppliers now being able for the first time ever to have freshy made items given to him for a good price, that is where his business accelerated and how he earned his position today.

He then came across Rivetten a location he learned to love and lived at for years, people have not seen him travelling for years due to his attachment but now as a middle aged man he decided to set up his first very own inn, offering adventurers food and drinks along with the general equipment and best of all a room to stay in for a cheap price.

Which trader goods are you applying for?: The usual items you would expect from an inn also maybe including some basic weapons and clothing.

By applying for a trader flag, do I accept the terms: Yes

Accepted, I made a mistake. -Xin


Steam Friends Name:|HGN| Gonztah
Length of Time Spent at HGN:Over a year now
STEAM ID:STEAM_0:0:16930661
Proof of Support From a Admin:
Proof of Support From a trader: I was told I didn't need one
Why do you want to be a Trader?:To help CRP get it's economy rolling, also I've never played as one and I'd like to try it out.
Are you in a faction? If so, will you be a faction trader for that faction?:Nope
Trader's Full Name: Steve Randell
Your Traders back story (Minimum 2 Paragraphs with a decent grammar):

Steve Randell was a son of a small time merchant at the city of Stormhelm, he helped his father run a small general store and gained some experience in the job, his father was mostly an honest merchant with the occasional "Sidemerchandise" nothing too illegal of course. While helping his father he learned quite a bit of bartering and learned to value money. He mostly saved the small bits he got from his father from helping around the store, he was the only child in the family, thus a bit lonely at times as he didn't really like playing with the other children.

He liked helping his father, but felt like wandering the world a bit. So one day with the help of his father he got together a small caravan and started moving around the lands, selling goods in towns and moving on after a while. During these travels he had his fair share of good and bad times but his small escort kept him safe from the occasional bandit that preyed on the roads now and then. And now he has paid off the escort and arrives at the city of Rivetten, seeking to possibly settle down, depending if he likes this small town, and their crowns... And if not, he'll keep moving around the lands, possibly returning to his family in Stormhelm.

Which trader goods are you applying for? Wandering peddler +1

By applying to be a Trader, I, the applicant, agree to the terms of agreement. Yes