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Notorious Shitposter Returns

SGT-Spartans · 262

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     Sitting outside on his beautiful deck, running OS X Mavericks on his brand new Macbook Pro 15 inch paid for by his parents credit card, with an iPhone 5S Champagne in an overpriced 3D printed case, SGT-Spartans has found himself once again at the gates of the once great GVC.

     When asked what he was doing, he simply replied "shitposting". It is not clear whether authorities will allow such activities, as peace has blanketed the kingdom ever since he left.

     Some users, such as Jake and Knife_Czechloslovakia, have voiced their concerns. "Shitposter" and "edgy teenage fuckboy" have been used to describe some of the posts SGT-Spartans has made to mark his return. Many are waiting for August 18th for him to return to Facepunch, but will he really?

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Only the HGN Elite can post in here nowadays.
Alternatively you can purchase the GVC VIP Account just for 9,99 Monthly!
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