FrostyFrosty comming out of the closet.

Started by N3gativezero, 25-02-2011

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Eliphas The Inheritor: Bitches/
Eliphas The Inheritor: On yo knees.
|HGN| Chrono: what the hell.
|HGN| Chrono: rapists !
|HGN| FrostyFrosty gets on his knees and unzips Eliphas pants
Eliphas The Inheritor: D:
|HGN| FrostyFrosty: How you wantr it?
Eliphas The Inheritor: You fucking faggot.
|HGN| FrostyFrosty: :D
To loot, lulz and SCIENCE!




He proves his faggotry yet again.

|HGN| FrostyFrosty:
|HGN| FrostyFrosty: Awesome shit
|HGN| FrostyFrosty: Chrono, look at it
|HGN| Chrono: wtf..
|HGN| Chrono: is that shit
|HGN| FrostyFrosty: Look at all links
|HGN| Chrono: no..
|HGN| FrostyFrosty: Its awesome
|HGN| FrostyFrosty: look at
|HGN| FrostyFrosty: I'm swining
|HGN| FrostyFrosty: swinging*
|HGN| FrostyFrosty: and Swollen Tip
|HGN| Chrono facepalms
|HGN| FrostyFrosty: Please
|HGN| FrostyFrosty: I give you 100 rubles
|HGN| FrostyFrosty: and a G36
|HGN| Chrono: no..
|HGN| FrostyFrosty: Bran, you do it
Ɲegative Ȥero: Frosty, you've proved your faggoty yet again.
|HGN| FrostyFrosty: Well look
|HGN| FrostyFrosty: Its weird
|HGN| FrostyFrosty: But
|HGN| FrostyFrosty: Scary
Ɲegative Ȥero: I know where that leads.
Ɲegative Ȥero: You're sitting there faping to it.
|HGN| FrostyFrosty: No
Ɲegative Ȥero: Yes, you are.
To loot, lulz and SCIENCE!


Seriously though, its not meatspin right away



And I thought it was a Freedom Meeting  ???
For Freedom


Im a imature cunt.


Dude thats is not cool,remove that.