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The End of an Era (Retirement)

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I hate to do this, but my options become more limited by the day. I tried running things solo after the sudden leaving of my partner, and it's just an impossibility, at least for me. So it's time for my final bow as well.

Ever since I joined HGN in 2013, I hoped I would become part of the team running things. In 2016 with Safehaven I was given that wish when I was made a moderator, and further with the start of Ventiera as a co-administrator. But despite that, I never wanted it like this, to reach this spot through a process of elimination. But despite that I feel quite blessed  to have been such a key player in it for these years, it's certainly an experience I won't forget any time soon.

This isn't a choice I wanted to make, but you can only work with what you're dealt, and fate's given me a pretty crappy hand. I leave things in the hands of JoJo and those he deems his partners. I hope you guys have better luck than I did.

Take care, HGN. I hope you continue to reach for greater heights.    -Sincerely, Gabriel O. Freeman. "Cross"

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Reply #1 on: 13-09-2019've stuck with us thick and through, over the years. You've definitely contributed alot if not the most to the server in the time we've been around together. You deserve to have a break. I genuinely wish you the best- and I will do my best to take the mantle to not only carry on our server's legacy, but yours as well. Thank you for all you've done, I'll do my best to not let you down.

- JoJo



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