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Ronin Silorus, Master of Storms

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Ronin Silorus
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Spellblade

Common: :tick:
Arcane: :tick:
Celestial: :tick:


Weapons: Staffs, Magic Books
Armor: Forbidden Vanity: Leinfors Set, Dark Artist Hood.+
Items/Accessories: Mana bottle, Tabi, Frost spark Boots

Weapons: Guns, Bows
Armor: Heavy Movement Reducing Armor

Sky Dragons Fury: A staff encased in lightning magic. Can fire electrical spheres.
Sky Fracture: Opens Portals that fire blades made of lightning magic
Magnet Sphere: A book that fires a slow but powerful ball of bundled up magic energy.

Insanely Fast: Can move at blinding speeds.
Tactical: Smart on the battlefield.
Kind Heated: Will help those in need.
Non-Trusting: Very rarely trusts someone he finds dangerous or suspicious.
Sleepy: Falls asleep for long periods of time often missing major events.
Earth: The element is a great weakness for him and can make him useless in battle.

Arc [Lightning Magic] 'Splash damage to surrounding targets.' {ACTIVE}
Thunderstorm [Sky Dragon's Fury] 'Call down the wrath of the skies to stun all opponents in the area. Must be charged.' {ACTIVE}
Magic Barrier [Tome] 'Create a magic shield based on the element of the tome. +15 to defense to the user's party for 3 turns, but can be negated by an attack of the opposite element.' {ACTIVE}
Bladed Wings [Sky Fracture] 'Fly through an opponent, dealing damage while moving and granting the user +5 to their next dodge roll.' {ACTIVE}
Weapon Enchant [Mage] 'Temporarily enchant a weapon with a specific element.' {ACTIVE}
Not much is known about Ronin Silorus. When he was young it was said he was trained by lightning elementals. However, most know him for his acts of bravery, protecting the people of Daggre in their time of need. Few know what his true goals are and why he always appears and fights evil, no matter the cost. In truth, that is a dark secret that has brought memories up from a dark past.

Acquaintances: Lightning Elementals?
Characters He's Met:
Characters He Dislikes:
Characters He Hates:

If you see this you deserve a triforce


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