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Zenmaer Prologue: New Beginnings (Ordeal)

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(NOTE: Zenmaer Occurs A Short Time After The Events of The Vestige.)

Zenmaer is truly a land of wonder. From its mushroom bogs to its giant volcanoes, there's always a sense of mystery and adventure wherever you go.

It has been about a month since the Grand Rift opened, allowing the heroes both hailing from Caphori and the Vestige to travel to new or known places. Some chose to stay behind. Some chose to return home. Some chose to stick together and head somewhere new in Caphori. And some even decided to travel to different realms entirely.

Enter Zenmaer - One of the many countries found on Caphori. Our heroes are just arriving via the Airblimp that was bound to Zenmaer's Capital- Rehul, District of the Clouds. With faces of excitement and curiosity, alongside things being seemingly rather peaceful, the heroes ask themselves one question: What awaits them on this new land?

The Event Will Take Place on Wednesday, October 9th at 6:00 PM EST.
This event will serve as the Intro/Tutorial Event, meaning that its primary goal is to teach new members how things work/refresh veterans on mechanics. Because of this, please DO NOT leave the designated event area until told otherwise. Aside from that....

- Normal Server Rules Apply
- Mobility Items are allowed. Just don't use them to go places you shouldn't be going to.
- Please do not run ahead of the group.
Aside from the rules listed above, please listen to the mods and any directions they give.

15 Gold
1 HP Boost
Legacy Points will not be distributed for this event.



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