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The Summer Smackdown (Tournament)

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The Headmasters of the Serpent's Tail Arena have been anxious to host yet another tournament, so they are! With the Summer's unforgiving heat, it was decided that it'd be a perfect time to host a tournament for contenders to duke it out. As usual with all tournaments, an opponent with a burning passion for battle awaits to battle the victor. So, get your sunscreen and swords ready, because the Summer Smackdown is gonna bring the heat!
The event has taken place. Thank you to everyone who attended!


1. Mounts are NOT allowed into battle.
2. Signature Skills may not be used in battles.
3. You may not use ExE to bring in multiple characters. (Empty Spots will be filled in via NPC Characters)
4. Fights will be called off once one end is seemingly unfit to battle.
5. All soul elements will be temporarily set to hopeless during the tournament.

Participation Reward: 10 Gold
2nd Place Reward: 20 Gold and the choice of 1 Life Crystal or any Accessory obtained before/dropped by the Wall of Flesh.
1st Place Reward: 30 Gold, 1 Life Crystal or any Accessory obtained before/dropped by the Wall of Flesh, as well as the choice to participate in the Special Battle.

Special Battles
The Victor of the tournament will have the option to face an opponent that is harder to defeat than the rest. During these fights, all tournament rules are rendered null and void (aside from the battle being called when one is unfit to continue), and the opponent will have boss rolls. These battles will also take on the normal battle format.

Should you manage to defeat the Special Opponent, you will be able to receive one of the following rewards:

Hallow Shield - A shield enhanced with light magic. Has an extra +10 when defending against dark attacks. (+15 total)

Dexterous Glove - Allows the wearer to dual-wield without the needed ability. Rules for the Dual-Wield skill otherwise apply.

Heroic Aura - One-time use item that automatically revives the user when incapacitated. Fails if the user is dead instead of unconscious.

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Hope to see you there!
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