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on: 01-07-2015

General Rules

1. Please be courteous to other people on and off the server, especially moderators.

2. Please refrain from godmoding and metagaming. (Knowing things your character shouldn't know, doing things that realistically they can't do, etc)

3. Once given permission to build, please do not break anything that you have not built unless you have been given permission by the building's creator(s).

4. When building/mining/digging/etc, please do not create a hellevator of any sort.

5. When speaking out-of-character (OOC for short) please put your messages in parenthesis, brackets, or something similar in order to avoid confusion.

6. Character knowledge VS player knowledge. An extension of rule 2, remember that even if you know something about certain events or other characters does not mean your character automatically does.

7. Please keep things safe for work. This cannot be stressed enough. If you're looking for more adult things, you're at the wrong place.

8. Spelunking and mining in cave systems is permitted, just try to keep things looking decent and avoid taking absolutely everything if possible.

9. Do not, under ANY circumstances, kill or even summon the Wall of Flesh. This may result in a temporary or even permanent ban.

10. If you would like a specific item for your character, ask a moderator. Depending on what it is, and what your character's reasons for having it are, it may be given.

11. Fighting bosses that don't directly effect the world is permitted so long as, again, they do not directly effect the world and do not interrupt the actions of other players.

12. Breaking shadow orbs/crimson hearts, as well as spreading the corruption, crimson or hallow, will result in a warning at the least and a temporary ban at the most, depending on the intent and effect.

13. Do not steal items from other players, or chests that don't have [free items] on them without explicit permission from the chest's owner(s).

14. Please do not repeatedly ask for things. Asking multiple times does not increase the chance of the answer being yes, if anything it lowers it.

15. Keep in mind that even if a moderator approves something, a higher ranking moderator can still overrule it, even if this doesn't happen often.

16. The ability to build is restricted for new players at the start, and is instead earned after a time of active participation. This period of time is usually around 2 weeks, but keep in mind that it may take longer.

Combat Rules

Fights are done in a turn-based format with the /roll command rather than with the actual PVP. The turn order is usually either left-to-right or right-to-left, but it can vary.
On a character's turn, they can obviously take an action. Most actions require a roll, and the opponent to counter-roll it. If the roll is higher than the counter-roll, the action is a success.
However, there are some gamechangers depending on the variance or specifics of rolls.
-An attacking roll 50 or higher above the defending roll is a critical hit, which does much more damage. It can also interrupt Focus if the target currently has it.
-A defending roll 50 or higher above the attacking roll is a counter-attack, a guaranteed attack from the would-be target that. Some skills can also only activate as a special counter.
-Rolling a natural 100 is an automatic critical hit/counter, even if the opposing roll wasn't 50 or more below.
-Rolling a natural 0 is an automatic critical failure, even if the opposing roll wasn't 50 or more above. Rolling a natural 0 also overrides boss rolls (Explained below)
-If both the regular roll and the counter-roll are the exact same number, both people simply roll again.
(Keep in mind that rolls are not just for combat, but for most actions even outside of battle)

Certain modifiers or statuses may be in effect depending on the specifics of the fight, too...
-If the fight is one villain character against three or more other characters, the villain is able to roll twice for every action, using the higher of the two only.
-If the fight is one against four or more, the one by themself will almost always have a death flag enabled. (Described below)
-The status known as Vengeance may be in effect for self-explanatory reasons for certain characters against certain others. This status gives the character +15 to attacking rolls and -5 to defending rolls.
-Certain other skills and statuses can effect the outcome of rolls. These are all listed on the skills page.

While HP is not tracked, a fight ends when it is generally accepted that a character should be defeated based on the number of hits they've taken, how strong the hits were, and how strong they are.
If a fight drags on too long, a moderator may ask permission- or in rare cases, force a fight- to end.

If you're worried about your character dying due to a string of bad luck with rolls...don't worry! A character cannot be killed by another unless one of the following happens:
-You agree to have your character die.
-They have a death flag active. (Explained below)

A death flag is a status put on a character that excludes them from the rule that characters cannot die without their creator’s consent. It is a rare status, and it does not always result in death if the situation is escaped from. They exist to make things a bit more realistic, and to keep people’s characters in check.
Death flags can be inflicted via the following situations:
-Entering a villain-populated area alone
-Entering a highly dangerous spoilers area without consent
-Entering an area with obvious terrain dangers alone
-Being greatly outnumbered in a fight
-Angering or disrespecting mods, or refusing to follow rules. This is only applied in the most drastic of situations.
-Fighting a character that has a moderator-approved grudge against your character, to the degree of a death flag being implemented. A moderator will inform you if this is the case.
Death flags are not always permanent, however. If the situation is resolved or ended, with or without the death of the character, the death flag is then dismissed.

Character Rules

Every story needs characters, whether they be heroes, villains, or those on neither side. While NPCs controlled by signs and mannequins may show up from time to time, the vast majority of all characters are players.
-Each character has a class assigned to them, which can be chosen upon their creation and, once finalized, may only be changed with specific circumstances. The list of available classes can be read on the class post.

-Each character also has a race, which, while it doesn't effect too much gameplay-wise, it can still hold a heavy influence on their story. Once finalized, a character's race cannot be changed. The list of available races can be read on the race post.

-Characters have access to more than just whatever weapon is in their hand, though. Skills of various kinds can be learned by them, provided they meet the simple requirements, which can be found on the post about skills.

-Additionally, some abilities that may go without saying, it is safe to say a character may have by default, such as specific sword maneuvers for a warrior, or healing magic for a cleric.

-While most gear isn't just given, items that are purely vanity, as well as some few accessories that mostly exist for it, can be given quite easily if you ask a moderator. Keep in mind that this does not apply to most accessories and actual armor.

However, along with those features above, there are also a few restrictions.
-Each player can initially only have one character, and additional ones must be approved by a moderator each time they are created.

-Characters are not completely immortal (though some may be in the age sense due to circumstance), and if they do die, they cannot ever be revived.

-A character's name must be both a plausible name (For example, nothing with numbers) and not an explicit reference to another person or character from other forms of media or a real person. (Unless that real person is yourself, in which case it is technically allowed)

Failure to adhere to these rules will either be kicked and warned, banned for a few hours/days (Depending on severity of rules broken), Banned for a week or longer, and ultimately Permabanned not only from the server, but other servers and the forums as well.
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