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Legend of Excalibur

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on: 26-11-2018
Long ago, before mankind roamed the earth, there lived three gods: Luxia, Tenebris, and Seilu. Luxia was god over all light, over all that was pure and radiant. Tenebris reigned over the darkness, ensuring its destructive reaches did not completely blot out the light. Seilu presided over the souls of all mortal beings. Together, these gods kept the balance between good, evil, and the souls thrown into the gentle balance of the two.

Many years ago, when gods shared the earth with mortals, an ancient king traveled to the palace in which the gods resided, requesting aid in a war against another kingdom. Luxia and Tenebris heard the mortalís plight, and resolved to make a blade to aid the king in his war. Seilu heard of this, and was outraged. The king and his subjects only ever prayed to Luxia or Tenebris, and never to the one who gave them life. Filled with fury, and appalled at the kingís possessive nature, Seilu vowed to ensure the blade would not win the war for the greedy king.

Luxia and Tenebris, meanwhile, began work on the blade. They forged the steel in hellís hottest fires, with the earthís strongest fist, cooled the blade in the purest water, and shaped the blade with the strongest wind. Luxia and Tenebris dubbed the blade Osafune, and each granted the blade a gift. Luxia granted it the ability to purge darkness from the heart of any mortal. Tenebris granted the blade the gift of judgement, to match its wielderís soul-if the wielderís soul was strong, so too would the blade be. Osafune was complete at last, and the king had come to claim the work. As the king reached for the blade, Seilu entered, ripped the soul from the ancient king as punishment for his greed, and wrenched the darkness from the blade, creating a blade of light, Excalibur. He then cursed the blade of light so that Excalibur could be held by a scarce few, rendering the godsí work useless. Seilu stuck Excalibur at the palaceís center, to rest there for all eternity. Tenebris banished Seilu from the palace. None know where he resides now, or if he yet lives.

The mortals blamed Tenebris for allowing their king to die, and believed he had turned on them. They turned their prayers away from him, ceasing their recognition of the god of darkness. Tenebris, without prayers and the peopleís wishes, grew weaker and weaker, until at last, his powers completely withered, and without his powers, Tenebris simply vanished. Luxia remained yet in the temple, yet was overcome with grief for the lost Tenebris. Luxia turned away all mortal visits, raising the land on which the palace rested to the heavens, and his cold tears became a heavy blizzard that swirled and terrorized the new mountainís peak. With no more reason to remain on the earth, Luxia ascended to the heavens, leaving his last memento- Excalibur, the sword of light and the former blade of Osafune-embedded in an obelisk at the palace center.
Milennia later, this blade is still said to exist, though none know truly where the palace rests, hidden and waiting for its newest master.

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