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Maple, The Witch of Ventiera

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Basic Description (Optional):

Name: Maple
Age: 56
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Racial Trait: None
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Mage (Water and Wind)

Common: Yes
Arcane: Yes
Other Languages (Specify):


Weapons: Wind Magic, Water Magic, Various Staffs
Armor: Jungle Armor, Other Magic Based Gear
Items/Accessories: Various Staffs/Rods, Spells, Magical Items

Weapons: Swords, Hammers, Daggers, Bows (Pretty much everything that is not magic based)
Armor: Anything not Magic Based
Items/Accessories: Anything not Magic Based


Humorous: She loves to crack jokes and pull pranks at times.
Playful: She still has a playful energy about her, sometimes she's full of energy and a bit childlike.
Kind (To Those She Respects/Close To Her): If you mean something to you, she's probably kind to you.

Grumpy (Sometimes): She may be agitated and irritated for no reason sometimes and will take it out on others.
Sarcastic (Sometimes): Tying in with her humor, she likes to be sarcastic sometimes.
Mean: She's prone to make insults and remarks about everyone.
Mischievous: She likes to cause trouble sometimes and takes pranks too far.
Trickster: This is also ties into her humor, she likes to play tricks.

Reflect [Mage/Cleric] 'Reflect a projectile attack back at the opponent.' {COUNTER}
Refraction [Beam weapons; Aqua Scepter, Vilethorn, etc] 'Splash damage to surrounding targets.' {ACTIVE}
Drain [Mage] 'Drain life from the enemy.' {ACTIVE}
Gale [Wind Magic, Flying Knife] 'Knocks back.' {ACTIVE}
Focus [ANYONE] '+10 to hit for the next attack. If used twice in a row without attacking, it becomes +20. Unique in that it can be used an unlimited amount of times per battle, but the effect only stacks to +20.' {ACTIVE}



BACKSTORY (Optional):
Hailing from the Sky City of Tuul, she is many things and a complex woman. In the present, she runs a shop by the name of Magic Hag's Shop (Purple and Red Tent), which sells potions, ingredients, and magic weapons. It lies east of the castle. As a witch she's skilled in the magical arts of wind and water. But she also knows much about potions and some knowledge on fishing. Her eyes are piercing orange and glow often when she's using magic. For unknown reasons, she has lost contact with her daughter, and Maple yearns to see her greatly.  Her Son, Noir, is a fiend whom she stole from an abusive and chaotic household when he was a mere toddler. Before either of her children were in her life, Maple had a husband named Harold. The relationship they had was tumultuous to say the least. One night that relationship came to a halt when her husband came after her with a knife and she made him cease to exist. What happens now.... is up to her.

Family: Blossom (Daughter), Noir (Adopted Son), Harold (First Husband) (Deceased)
Acquaintances: Pale Beauty
Characters She's Met: Crys, Rain, Alden Nohm, Echo
Characters She Dislikes: Sage, Gale Calume, Joneph
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