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Lenticel Cypress, the Lone Arrow

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~Character Sheet~
Name: Lenticel Cypress
Basic Description: A skilled hunter whose elemental ancestorsí blood aids her in camouflage. Travels the world with little aim, other than hunting the rarest beasts.

Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Human [but has elemental roots]
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Ranger

Basic: Somewhat
Whatever the IC equivalent of Spanish is: Y
Arcane: N

Legacy Status: N

Weapons: Bows, specifically recurves
Armour: Regular clothing
Items: Knives, taxidermy supplies, any hunting equipment

Weapons: Literally every magic known to man
Armour: Anything above regular clothes
Items: N/A

~Special Equipment~
Panther Carving: A tiny carving of a panther, from Lenticelís mentor. Keeps her going in the darkest of times.

Easily hidden. Her earth elemental blood lets her hide in natural settings quite easily. [+10 to stealth in natural areas]
Chipper. Her moodís often happy in a reasonable sense, and she keeps her optimism up best she can.
Trained eye. Very, very good at aiming and hitting her mark. Not much can deter her from shooting what she wants shot.

Prideful. Overly proud of her skills and abilities, to which others could take as gloating.
Barely bilinguistic. Her native language is not one most speak, let alone understand, and she barely knows how to speak in the common language at that.
Headstrong. Quick to jump to conclusions or assumptions on really anything. Including shooting anything that even remotely resembles an animal.

Track [Ranger/Gunner] '+20 to tracking rolls.' {PASSIVE}
Trapper [Ranger] '+15 to rolls involving traps, usually disarming.' {PASSIVE}
Instinct [Ranger] 'Cannot be sneak-attacked. A would-be sneak attacker instead gets -5 to their roll.' {PASSIVE}
Search [Ranger] '+15 to search rolls.' {PASSIVE}
Arc Shot [Bow] 'Shoot three arrows upwards to hit the next turn. Does not work in areas with low ceilings. {ACTIVE}

Lenticel was always a prodigy at hunting. However, like steel, skill must be shaped and honed, so Lenticel owes much of her ability to her mentor, a man who went by the name of Twyn. She was happily sent to Twyn as a child by her parents, and trained with him for about six years. In their secluded forest home, he trained her in many a situation, forging her aim into one that rivals even the greatest snipers, teaching her to skin and preserve her catches, and how to take down the greatest, meanest beasts. In their spare time, he taught her many a thing about life and morality, and gave her a deep love of music during their time together that persists to even today. When Lenticelís six-year training ceased, her mentor sent her out to the world to do what she desired, giving her a memento of their time together-a small limestone panther statue. Fast-forwarding to today, Lenticel travels the world with but one aim: hunting the greatest beasts and rising to the top of her craft, even if her linguistic skills and people skills require intensive work. Where her mentor is today, Lenticel knows not, but she remembers her mentor all the same as the reason her life is so lively today.

~This is a story, forged by our own hands.~


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