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Galen Calume, The Aristocratic Avian

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Basic Description: Gale has just sailed into Ventiera from overseas to help fight the blood mage menace. Although she's quite snobby, rude, and very annoying, she's not a terrible person.

Name: Galen Calume (Of the Calume Family)
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Race: Avian
Racial Trait: Aerial Grace, and the ability to fire off her feathers as weapons
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Warrior

Common: Yes
Arcane: No
Other Languages (Specify): Fluent in quite a few languages, such as elvish, due to her fantastic education


Weapons: She uses her talons and feathers as weapons mainly, but is also good with a sword.
Armor: A blend of light and heavy armor.
Items/Accessories:  Sometimes she'll wear a cloak if she gets too cold. She also wears a hood, as most avians do.

Weapons: Ranged weapons, raw arcane magic, and daggers
Armor: Anything too heavy or too light
Items/Accessories: Anything too large for her to carry while flying

SPECIAL EQUIPMENT / IC FEATURES: She owns an enchanted ring, which is a generations-old family heirloom, that causes her talons to glow and become as fast and sharp as blades. It is her most prized possession.

TRAITS: Gale is very beautiful, and she knows it. She is very flirty and self-centered because of this. She's also quick on her feet, and quick to react to danger. 

FLAWS: Gale is quite the snob, and will almost always turn her beak up to anything that doesn't meet her standards. She's rude, self-centered, and bratty. As well as being egotistical, she also doesn't have great common sense. Generally, most people don't like her.


Pugilism: No penalties for fighting bare-handed
Focus: +10 to hit for next attack. +20 if used twice in a row. Doesn't stack higher than +20
Improved Critical: Rolling +40 above a losing roll grants a crit rather than +50
Rage: +5 to hit, -5 to defense. Wears off after battle
Blood Blade: Deal damage to self to deal more damage to the enemy



BACKSTORY (Optional): Coming from an aristocratic family, Gale is used to being treated like a princess.  She studied the art of the blade (as well as several fist-fighting techniques) before gracing Ventiera with her presence to aid them in fighting the blood mages. She will have a rude awakening, however, when she realizes that most people will not appreciate her egotistical personality.
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