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Chapter 2: Tsunami of Blood

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In four days’ time, I will show no mercy.

This is what the mad blood mage Azote, who is somehow alive, despite having been visibly killed, told Roble Nohm in the Sugavus square, who, upon finding his allies, told them of his words. Combining information, the heroes learned of the blood moon in the same amount of time and the relation to the attack it must hold. With Azote’s resurrected army having attacked Sugavus once before, the mages themselves undead beings of seemingly complete sanity, sentience, and mental capacity, the heroes are ever wary, unsure of the circumstances…but they know that now is the time to defend the city from the seemingly incredibly powerful siege of blood. And so the heroes, the Crown Prince, and the natives of Sugavus sharpen their weapons, prepare their defenses, and begin praying for victory…

The siege has been quelled, thanks to the valiance of Acolyte, Roble, Andesine, Kyanite, Pale Beauty, and Arthros. The blood mages retreat, the dancer who stood in their way at the end of the siege gone, run for some new lands...or so the heroes assume. The prince, indebted to the heroes, inform them of his call to help to other lands against the blood mages. With Azote's mad ramblings from the battle ringing within their skulls, the heroes vow to continue to stave the flow of mages until new help arrives...

Though when help does arrive, many secrets will come to light....
The event has already taken place. Thank you to those who participated!
-General server rules apply
-There will be both IC and OOC fight portions. Returning items to mediumcore characters in the event of OOC death will not be prioritized as not to interrupt the flow of IC, however if you lose something important let us know
-In addition to the rule above, please note that if you die OOC [Terraria die], you will not get the Twilight Coin reward mentioned below. You may definitely still continue to participate in the event, however, and you will gain all other rewards.
-Mobility items allowed. Don’t go nuts with them though

Event rewards:

-1 HP Boost, based off class
-10 gold
-Recognition of Heroism
-One Twilight Coin [Light or darkness attack, the user’s choice of ONE. Consumed on use]

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