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Tiny Check-In[?]

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on: 21-01-2019
Hey there!
So yeah, things have been kinda quiet over here, but we are not dead. What with the holidays and exams and the end of the semester for those in school and all, we usually tend to expect server things to quiet down around now. And, as expected, they have.
But! I repeat, we are not dead! Just busy. Hopefully we'll be able to kick things back into gear sooner rather than later. If any of you have any IC ideas or want to come hang out on the server,  poke us on Steam if we're online. We'd love nothing more than to get Ventiera's ball rolling again, and we want to make it as easy on all the participants' lives as possible!
If you're dealing with exams in these next few weeks, best of luck, and if you're not, well, good luck with your endeavors anyways! See you all soon!

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