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Almustadt Veteran Award

Blake.H · 13698

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on: 21-10-2018
Keeping with the spirit of game server Awards i have modified an unused award into the "Almustadt" Veteran.

You can request it by scrolling to "Game Servers" category under page 4 of  'available awards' in your profile page, or by using one of the links below:;a_id=47;start=60

Please post here once you've requested it so that i know when to approve.
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Reply #1 on: 21-10-2018

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Reply #2 on: 21-10-2018
Recently Requested it, please add it to my profile whenever



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  • What is this again?
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Reply #3 on: 21-10-2018
I think I requested it right? I'm sorry for the trouble haha thank you in advance

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Reply #4 on: 27-10-2018

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Reply #5 on: 30-10-2018
I have requested an Almustadt Veteran Award?

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