Cabin in the Woods

Started by Noctilucent, 17-03-2015

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Delphine, a young busty old woman lives in a cabin in the woods, alone, after having become a religious zealot, fervently devout to God.

However, strange things have been happening. Beneath her very cabin she hears screams, and footsteps, every night like twisted clockwork. But, she's just a girl, and can't really fight for herself. So, she lays alone in her bed at the middle of the night, maddened more and more, praying, waiting for some divine miracle to be afforded to her, to vanquish the demons beneath her floors.
A girls' tears are only to show to the person you love when you're truly happy, like when your father ridicules me or hits me with just enough force, I get so excited I cry tears of joy.


I'm just waiting to mess up your day. Honest.