Basic Knowledge

Started by Afromana, 16-12-2009

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I this thread we shall cover the knoweldge you should have no matter the class.

Understanding Cart / Cap Point Speed

This one is too large to be put in text form. so I will just post the video:
TF2 Tactics: Understanding Cart / Cap Point Speed
Part 2:
TF2 Tactics: (Part 2) Understanding Cart / Cap Point Speed

Field of View anf Blind spots.

This one is quite advanced, but its pretty usefull to know about.
The strategy of FoV can be used by any class, but mostly Spies.
TF2 Tactics: Understanding Field of View and Blind Spots

(A bit more advanced calculation)
TF2 Tactics: FOV Tests

And thats all knowledge about the game itself you should know about
I will post more if they come available.