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on: 12-02-2011
[Based Upon Wrong Information, Please Excuse Me]
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[OOC] Aleksandr Makarov: When do you actually need Cullinary?
[OOC] Commissar Ruslan Turchin: Vat... are you trying to say cooking skill?
[OOC] Aleksandr Makarov: Yeah.
[OOC] Commissar Ruslan Turchin: It's for the women, of course. Which is why we don't see that skill much.

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Reply #1 on: 12-02-2011
Server 2 is public, so I don't really a see a reason for this thread.

Blake.H: And im also working on whipping him into shape
Blake.H: He's nice
Blake.H: He doesn't moan
Blake.H: The sheer obedience is enough to fuel my erection anyway


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