Zangief Tsychorev, the fallen hero.

Started by Locke, 12-01-2010

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Zangief Tsychorev, the pride of the Russian military. Loved by all of his subordinates and envied by all of his commanders. His nickname was "The Screaming Bear of Russia". These facts were true until 3 months after his 41th birthday. 4 years in the past from present day Russia, where the Soviet Bear attempted to extend his reach by invading the small nation of Georgia. Civil war had ravaged Georgia in the past, and they had a hardened army of veterans. Ironically, some of Georgia's army had fought each other in the civil war. Russia's hasty move took the peasants and common people in surprise, but the Army was expecting it. Especially Georgia's special operatives, their equivalent of the Specnaz. Zangief was at fault for the leaked invasion plans, and why the Russian invasion failed.

At the time, Zangief was the leader of a 5 man squad. Their job was to retrieve critical information about enemy positions and the multitude of Georgia's special operations teams. The reason that this information was so critical was because the special ops could wreak havoc on the Russian main advance, and they knew they would have to counter it. Russia suspected that Georgia had at least 100 special operatives in the area the initial invasion would take place, and those were the ones that Zangief had to find information about. Unfortunately, everything went wrong. Zangief was betrayed by his second in command, and he managed to escape by a hair. Zangief claims to have covered his retreat with a smoke grenade, but what had really happened is unknown, since there were no witnesses left for the Russian side, and all of the soldiers present on the Georgian side died in fighting later in the war, with the sole exception of Zangief's second in command. (Formerly) Captain Tsychorev watched in pain as he had to remain utterly still to avoid detection, and was forced to watch from his hiding spot as his 3 remaining men were tortured, interrogated, and then executed in front of his eyes. He was powerless to help and still blames himself for their deaths.

When Zangief returned, there were rumors he had pleaded for his life, or that he was actually part of a conspiracy to bring down Russia. His nickname had changed to "Georgia's Fleeing Snake".

Zangief believes that the Zone is his last chance to redeem himself, and based on an anonymous tip that he had received late at night on his phone; Find his AWOL second in command, and get his much required revenge.


Has anyone read this ;-; ?


Its nice, but sadly, the "Screaming Bear" became a "Sad Bear".
QuoteFind his JAWOL second in command, and get his much required revenge.


I read it, it's rather nice. Sucks being new and finally taking the time to sift through the forums. XD



Erm.... It's VERY creative, except.. Zangief is not a real Russian name. Just because the USSR competitor from Street Fighter II uses it does not mean it's valid.

Also, I do believe Georgia has a very poor military and was completely bum rushed by Russia, (Hence their name, Russians.)
If Georgian Special Ops ever matched up to the SpetsNaz, (Which they most certainly do not) they would still be outnumbered 60 to 1 by the SpetsNaz. That's why the Russian SpetsNaz infiltrated and sabotaged most Georgian military air bases during the war. Georgia is going to be missing most of their Air Force (which was insignificant to begin with) for the next 5-8 years.

As for Georgian Spec Ops experience, the SpetsNaz are constantly fighting in Chechnya. Russia is never at peace, there is always a war, just like the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan. That would make Russian troops much more formidable fighters.

Just here to kick ass and chew bubble gum.



Thanks for the C & C, I had to make it creative though, so I made my own warped reality.