Zack Cristopher PDA notes

Started by Combine, 12-11-2009

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I had a beer with Major Gilly at the bar, I knew he was drunk, the way he said things was... "Diffrent". He begain to speak about the US Millitery being the reason why we are here, he spoke alot of gibberish, I could not understand, I all ways thought the US militery plays a bigger part than what met  the eye.

Lt.Malcolm told us that all "Artifacts" where ment to be given to HQ. He told me in private that they where being shiped to the US, Lt.Malcom showed me into an tent that was a are base where a dead body of a Monolith wearing a SEVA layed, he said that "The US wa-"*The PDA reads a "ERROR", it is damaged and the screen is busted, there are signs a grenade exploded near by*.

// this is for the person that gets Zack Cristopher PDA


// Ugh... what?
Was he speaking about the US army or the Ukraine army, you may had got mixed up.
Also if you are trying to say US, why do the Ukraine army want to ship aftifacts to the US..
Explain I am confused.

Edit:I gave you help on SF, hope you put it in.


// I think this guy is making stuff up as he goes, Nice using my Name "Zack".


2/5 Needs work/effort.