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Started by Steel, 22-09-2009

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Name: Yuri Kharkov
Age: 27
Height: 6.1
Weight: 180Lbs

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My name is Yuri Kharkov, im that bored im writing my own backstory into this banged up PDA.
I was born in moscow, being used to the cold russian winter helped me alot.
I was conscripted into the Russian army, after a good 4 years in there i got some rank... ahh nothing major, just Corporal at that point.
Alot of people in my regiment liked me, Then out of the blue one day, a fellow named Major Khruschev asked me "Heard of the sptesnaz boy?"
I said yes, next thing i know im signing some more papers, then being put through a damn tought selection course!
It was hard, i got beaten to a pulp a few times, but i got in and on top of that got promoted to sergeant!
Next thing i know im being shipped to grozny to beseige some Chechnyan rebels...
Bastard... things went bad, a good friend of mine, moved up as i covered him... there was a flash, then it was a blur, but i knew for sure he was killed, i raced up, next thing i saw Major Kruschev standing there shocked at what he had done, he shot my friend in the head thinking he was a rebel running away...
The bastard! at that moment i grabbed the major and plunged my combat knife into his eye...
It was warm... the blood.
He was still alive, i then pulled up my AN94, and unloaded a whole magazine into the majors face... he deserved it.
Next thing i know im being dragged off by my squad, then i wake up in a cell in alot of pain, i had been beaten near to death.
A week later i get told im facing the death penalty for what i did...
by firing squad.
I was being transported to the range, which was in the ukrain. I dived out, and took off into a direction, a place that was deserted.
I saw a millitary outpost and sneaked past that...
I was somewhere, but where?!
Thats it! Chernobyl!
I was here...


DAY 1:
Well its day one in the zone...im not quite sure of the date, and this shitty PDA dosent have time or date on it, ive already met some people, and had some confrontation.
Charlie diesel was his name, friends with freedom, i found out alot even on my first day.
Well after charlie had taken me on board with his group of guys we had set up shop in a pretty messed up building.
The others had gone off for a few hours to get some food and some supplies, then a mercenary came and spoke to us.
"hey you guys want a job?"
We said yes, charlie tells me its anything for money in this place, and money gets you places...
We then came to some sort of freight container with an office inside it.
Some trader named sergei said there had been a situation in bar.
With my experience at hand i instantly took up the task, he gave me a barreta 9mm, im pretty used to it, ive used it a lil in the forces, but not often as it was used more by western scum, americans...
So after this long journey we found nothing, then a bandit from out of nowhere came along, young looking guy, he was our guy, we took him and lead him to bar again to talk to the trader, turns out the guy hadnt done much wrong, at that moment bar was almost quarantined by some duty guys, and a friendly soldier named ashton if i remember correctly.

Man this place isnt nice, the noises im hearing here and the death i have already seen makes it not so good, at least im not infront of that firing team...I shud get some sleep, but its hard!
PDA is my only real friend at this moment, other than the guys i met... I mean they are nice but i dont really know what direction to take for my-



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Name: Yuri Kharkov
Age: 27
Height: 6.1
Weight: 180Kgs

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Day 2:
Well after a long attempt on finding something to charge my damn PDA up, Charlie lent me his charger.
Today was pretty nasty, my second day in and some really bad stuff happened.
We where hanging in the sector 1 village, when all of a sudden we where attacked by some creature...
Me being new here didnt have a clue what it was, charlie informed me it was called a "bloodsucker".
Was a humanoid with tentacles for a mouth, and some horrible thrashers for hands.
We are setting up base, we where idiots for not checking it properly, and in our building it was sitting in the corner, it went for one of our guys, we locked it in...
Some guy came along "We need to keep it alive, we will get money!"
I thought to myelf "greedy fucker, i just want to survive."
It escaped, then it all turnt around, we had to barricade ourselves in the room, whilst this idiot tried talking to it!
So after a long and tiring siege the ground started trembling...
I dont remember much after that, my long time buddy El sondero Diesel had told me id hit my head on some iron railings.
All i remember was waking up and thinking we where in Grozny under attack by rebels...
I soon figured it out that we werent and an aggressive wave of confusion hit me.
I grabbed charlie and threatened to kill him, i thought he was a damned Rebel!
I soon came to, and i started to remember things.
So after all this had settled the sucker was killed, we where relived by two guys from freedom.
Im not the biggest fan of those scum, but hey.
I have started to slowly take a liking to the millitary, being an Ex russian soldier...
I may apply, not yet tho, i need to find my foot in this place, im sure they wont mind my war crimes, they are ukranian millitary, they hate the russian army, almost as much as i do...
Over and out, its time for me to get some sleep... in this...forsaken place.




Theres alot mroe to go into it, ive gotta update it for the last two days, thanks :)


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Name: Yuri Kharkov
Age: 27
Height: 6.1
Weight: 180Kgs

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Im in a Military field hospital, im looking through my bergen to find my old PDA...
Its been a while since ive written in this old thing, back in the days where i was just an inexperienced loner.
Ive always been hit with bad luck, and things havent changed one bit, altho a little bit of fortune has come my way.
Im in the ukranian army now, and have already gained the same rank i was when in the Russian sptesnaz, i like the guys in my unit.
Alot has happened, ive been on various missions.
Saving a downed pilot, hiding to try and get through a blowout, fighting zombies, being dragged off by a bloodsucker, and narrowly escaping...
Things have been up and down lately, scary stuff happens but i am finally becoming immune to it.
Anyway one thing i want to write into my PDA today, is why im sitting on a stretcher in a Military field hospital away from my unit.
We had some very odd happenings last night.
One of the soldiers i had looked up to during my training done some bad things, her being female had got with some dutymen named Winters.
The Major General was not happy about this, he wanted winters dead.
Captain Mertz took off with winters to evade him getting captured and killed.
I didnt know what to take to this, because i always thought Mertz was for the Military, now i havent been filled in on the details of whats going to happen to both of them.
Anyways, after a long search we finally found them at the suspected monolith hideout entrance, but it turns out an IED was planted.
What a day to get promoted eh?
It went off. I was caught in the blast.
All i remember is being thrown through the air with an agonizing pain in my left leg.
I woke up, dizzy as fuck, not a clue what was going on, when just a blurred exo was  fixing me up.
The pain was immense, it felt like i had lost my leg, the one thing that stuck out was the ammount of blood on the floor...
All i could hear was voices. Alot of them, after a few jabs of morphine and a very painful experience of three large pieces of shrapnel being pulled out of my leg, i finally noticed who was fixing me up...
Colonel Yudansky was beyond, watching this man do his work, an odd look on the colonels face. Until i looked down and noticed the flash of freedom on this mans shoulder. I never got his name, but i thank him, freedom or not freedom, he saved my life, much longer i would have bled to death, i need to find this man, and thank him... but doing so could risk me getting killed.
IED's... i mean What the fuck, i had enough of that shit in Grozny, let alone in the zone... it really is the most dangerous place on earth.
Im now in the field hospital, should be returning back to base tonight, they fixed some shitty metal brace on my leg, just for a while.

SGT. Yuri Kharkov


Nicely written.


Sweet, Nicely Done.

I could never Wright something like that, Unless you give me 10,000Pounds of cookies
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