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Yuli Andrey - Marauder

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on: 03-02-2011
Name: Yuil Andrey
Age: 41 years old.
Weapons: Currently Lr300, Owned by slaughtering a mercenary
Clothing: Leather Jacket, Track Pants, Ski Mask when Banditing.
Theme Song:Waterflame - Glorious morning
PDA Diary:

Username: FuckU
Password: ********
62 New Messages

I stole this PDA off a dead stalker, Renamed the name. Heh. My name is Yuli, I am a bandit. But not just any bandit. Most of the other bandits fear being bandits. Pretty dumb. I wear my colors as a bandit everywhere I go. Do I give a shit? No. I am usually watched by most people in the bases I entered but I keep my gun on me. Have I been shot for doing it? Yes. All the time, but I always keep my fire arm on me. I tried to get recruited for some group near freedom base. Retainers is what they called them. What a stupid fucking name? No seriously, That's retarded. After being turned down for having no skills, I left out. I found a mercenary. I told him to give me his money, But instead he tried to pull out his rifle. God damn idiot, I blew him away. He left me a nice Lr300.  Theen duty sector, I met another mercenary, I aimed my gun at him and told him to stop, He laughed and said "Get lost, If you know what's best for you" I laughed back and pulled the trigger. Apparently he was another all talk no action mercenary. Duty showed up, The morons didn't notice the body, I hid it well. After they left, I looted him. Found a ecologist ID tag, A armband. He was clearly employed by the ecologist, I will use this to my advantage. I could score some big bucks robbing the ecologist. They wouldn't see it coming if I disguised as a mercenary. So I wen't back to my stash when this group of monolith spotted me. They fired accuraltey and fast. I Was not hit luckily, But the stalker I was about to kill was missing his head when I returned. God I am so fucking tired right now. I am glad that I can do this.

I used to be a writer back in the day. That times over now. All I do now is slaughter people for their things so I can eat at night. I don't enjoy what I do, But damn it's so nice to find a guy loaded. Onccce I was at the petrol station, I walked inside and found a few bodies. Looted them, Damn one of them had a nice viper on him. I took it, It was my luck to walk outside into a military squad. But I used my cunning good looks and my cash to buy myself out of that. Oh gotta go.

// I know most people don't read and post "Good story" but thanks anyway.
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Reply #1 on: 03-02-2011
I liked it, and its true most bandits I know don't like showing themselves in public but you have some balls I give you that.

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