Worldspawn! And you!

Started by Zarrick, 23-09-2009

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I will provide a quick guide on how to know if your world spawned, what Worldspawn is and how to get rid of it.

What is worldspawn?

Worldspawn is a current bug in the server, worse than the inventory bug, as it can, potentially steal every item you have in one go (Its happend, and its happend to me) it sounds like from alot of people complaining about losing nearly every item in there inventory that they are worldspawned, or, telling lies.

Do I have world spawn?

There is a simple way to find out, in 4 easy steps!

1. If you change from a worldspawn'd character, to a non-world spawn'd character and you dont respawn, then you are world spawned!
(Its either that, or the other way around)

2. If your inventory begins to eat a ton of your items every time you log in, then you are world spawned!

3. Some items turn into red errors in your inventory and have a strange name, like bsere_2, as an example, if so then you are world spawned!

4. If you die and you respawn instantly, then you are world spawn'd!

How do I avoid world spawn?

No idea.

How do I cure world spawn?

1. easy, give any money and or remaining items to an admin, friend or player you trust, make a new character with the same name and then have the admin give you your weapons/items and money on the new character, this way you are World spawn free and you have your money and or items.

To avoid somtimes using your World spawn'd character, go to the console on the character that is world spawn'd and type rp_changename "WORLDSPAWN" or somthing to that effect!

2. I have heard from people that if your world spawn'd character is killed several times, it will eventually go away, though I find the first method is easier, it causes less fuss and it stops people from getting potential bitched at (Example: STOP DMIN THAT GUI) 1. is more efficient, but 2. is presumably possible.
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Anyway, I hope this helps people with world spawn! =D

Feel free to add below any knowledge of detecting world spawn and how to avoid getting it.



Wow, great guide.


Worthy of Sticky >.>?




I've heard you can get rid of world spawn by dieing alot of times, It has only happened on one rare occurance, but never again, so I doubt it would work.


I still have world spawn , sadly :(
i'd fix it if i could get onto the serer. I helped BTO get rid of his by killing him...
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I have been asked this question many times. Unfortunately, their is not one easy answer that I can give you.


Stickied for you.


i gave up on my world spawn character a while ago i lost like 20 diffrent guns on him:(
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Its easier to just get a person to hold your stuff, and you make a new character, than dying 100+ times. But i'll add that solution to.



FUCK, it sounds like a disease!


Its the Aids of HGN





I remember my mili char got worldspawned and I left it worldspawned for a while, eventually for some reason it gave me back ALL my items and stopped eating my stuff, then after dying a few times it disappeared


FIRST OF ALL... Creating new character wont help you. It will come AGAIN!

How to fix this?

1. SAVE!
  create new character, name it rp_changename Save and everytime you log in and log out, make sure you first get to SAVE when you log on and then when you are leaving log on SAVE as last character.

2. Get rid of bread!
  Make sure that when you create new character GET RID OF BREAD! It causes the bug, and everytime you get on and your bread will be there, kill it, destroy it and then use nuclear weaponry from safe distance.
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I had World spawn till Kahn did that thing.

Which got rid of my AIds!
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PROTIP: AMMO! The various ammunitions that you buy from traders. If you do not use/drop this ammo before a crash/disconnect your inventory WILL be worldspawned. Everytime i buy ammo and get on the next day im worldspawned. 

Dont buy ammo!


HINT: dont whore items


Well i have none of the symptoms other than loosing new items everytime i leave and come back to the server, ill try this! is there a way i can delete characters?


I don't think there is a way in our Frankenstein Script. Maybe in RA2, which will be out around the time Valve decides to release EP3.

I hope you have a good time in the retirement home.

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Quote from: Markka on 29-09-2009
I don't think there is a way in our Frankenstein Script. Maybe in RA2, which will be out around the time Valve decides to release EP3.

I hope you have a good time in the retirement home.
Oh god
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Or, instead "SOMEONE" could go and FIX IT, ya know! Just a "THOUGHT"


Yer it would help lol
None of my character can keep anything in the inventory because it just dissapears.


Check your backpack for holes.

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I'm going to go check my backpack now.