Where's the Trader's Union?

Started by Aviator, 23-01-2010

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Last night on SRP Strelok Holmes and Layton got on, announcing something about the TU being disbanded. Everyone started panicking- Layton said something about buying shittons of supplies because there was about to be an item drought, or something. Everyone started to assume that their trader flags were going to be removed, and freaked out, undercutting a LOT, going to the forums and looking around for info on this...

Can someone give us an explanation? Is it really gone for good, are our flags gone, will there be any apps for new traders soon? Will there be another server wipe? Will the Trader flag be admin-only from now on?



QuoteThe Traders Union has been disbanded, following corruption, after the leader was killed, it went into disarray to the extent where things went out of proportion. Traders have gone to different factions or gone off on their own to provide their services to the zone, but retaining neutral respect for each other.



Lockity Lock please, a solution has been given.
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That's a little harsh seeing as this hasn't been officially announced and the TU quietly went away.

Basically the idea of a Union in the Zone didn't make much sense so Silver decided to make everyone act independently to set their own prices and such.