Waspen (Loner faction)

Started by Hotstarr, 21-08-2009

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Unity and Peace.
We fight only the fauna and the evil, as survival and ensuring the survival of others is our only goal.

What is this faction?:Waspen is a loner faction created in order to prevent other stalkers from fighting amongst eachother, so that the zone is not ruled over by bloodthirsty bandits or such people. We also mainly antagonize against mutants, who are a common enemy we encounter. We do not usually associate ourselves with the other factions unless they are in need. We are dedicated into uniting the stalkers of the zone against one foe, so that we may neither destroy or use the zone, but restore it as well as we can to some degree prior to the chernobyl disaster.

Tl;dr version:We're like the Stalker version of the Ghostbusters, only a bit more serious, and we try to promote peace with other people.

How did this faction start?:(IC bullshit lol)
After yet another Duty regiment was wiped out/sent somewhere else, Albert Lewensky stayed behind for a while, as he was doing his last Duty mission before leaving this area. He encountered a bloodsucker(making this his seventh encounter with one, counting one made tame by ecologist technology.) near the entrance to a forest. However, this bloodsucker was a little different:It was wearing parts of an exosuit, protecting half of its lower and upper body. This was likely from some stalker who mutated, and the exosuit didn't completely break.
    Outmatched, Albert tried to retreat, but the sucker was catching up to him. Albert managed to shoot the bloodsucker in the face, with a powerful counterattack to Lewensky's left foot. After a small group of stalkers came by a few seconds later and forced the sucker away, they found an unconscious Lewensky, who had lost two of his larger toes. Another scar added to his body(Albert has the words "Duty Fag" marked on the front of his chest. Right now it has slightly distorted, but still visible.)
    After being given some food, a medkit and makarov, and left in some old shack, Lewensky had no idea how he found himself in a shed. He also suffered from Amnesia, and cannot recall his family, friends, or even the faction he is dedicated to. Regardless, he kept his Duty suit and whatever equipment was left on his person, as well as the items he was given, and took on strides towards safe shelter. Albert also forgot most of his name, so he now goes as Berten Lewens.
    The whole time, he could only remember a small group of stalkers saving his life. Albert felt that he would find that group later on. However, all he found was madness. Stalkers killing eachother for food, money, and tools. Dutiers and Freedomers clashing against eachother, and Military antagonizing against nearly everything in sight. However, he saw one horrid thing that would change his life forever:Mutants. Despite having amnesia, Albert "Berten" could easily recognize the instinct, wild nature, and danger that literally seeped and flowed out of these mutants. He was so moved by the chaos everyone, especially the mutants caused, that he weeped at the sight of a stalker being slaughtered by a bloodsucker.
    Eventually Berten no longer took the trauma around him. He one day picked up a shotgun, and fired widly at the first snork his eyes could lay on. His rage was endlessly placed on the mutants, and the violence and hostility the stalkers had against eachother. "The mutants must be completely destroyed.......A Mutacide is our key to survival...." Berten's hate towards the mutants raised higher and higher until he stopped hunting down a weakened controller one day. He lost his rage, he began to rationalize again. He began to remember.....His last name. "LEWENSKY!!!!!" The ex-dutier shouted out, and ran to the bar, intent on recruiting men and women to create peace between the stalkers and regain areas of the zone from the mutant menace.

Tl;dr Version:Lewensky has amnesia, lost two of his toes, gets emotional, becomes obsessed with killing mutants and tries to create peace by making stalkers antagonize against the mutants, and creates a faction as part of his plan.

Waspen is not a bandit or mercenary faction; We do not fight against other factions or other stalkers unless we have to. We support each other by supplying food and money to stalkers so that they may survive in the zone. We also must annihilate every mutant we see ON SIGHT. Tame ones are exempt of this, unless they show signs of rebelling against their master.

Do not kill another stalker unless it is self-defense.
Do not hire mercenaries at all, our stalkers shall eradicate the mutant enemy with able hands.
Do not get involved with other factions unless they are willing to help our cause.
We are not soldiers. Do not organize skirmishes or battles against other stalkers.
Don't steal from other people. We are trying to uphold peace between stalkers, not provoke them towards violence.

Faction Relations

Join by making an application.
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[b]Prior military experience?:[/b]
[b]Bandit, Mercenary, or Stalker?:[/b]
[b]Specialties or talents:[/b]
[b]Why do you want to join the pro-peace, anti-mutant faction, Waspen?:[/b]

Albert "Berten" Lewensky
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