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Wanna host your own? Here's how!

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Hosting Your Own Event

Well, a lot of people have some good ideas out there that often go unheard, but now is your chance to shout out to us and give us your ideas!


If you wish to make a major, server-wide event that involves EVERYBODY (Any event must involve all players on the server), then PM the head of the STALKER department (Rohok) on the forums with this application:

SF Name:

IC Names:

Event name:

Main factions involved:
(The factions that this event will center around, if any)

Event details: (What the event is about)

Required Props:
(What you'll need for this event. Anomalies, bloodsuckers, NPCs, helicopters, etc.)


Reply #1 on: 07-09-2009
And this is legal for everybody?


Reply #2 on: 07-09-2009
Yes Ray, as long as you follow the format, and it is a viable event, there is a chance it will be used.

Be warned, any "LOL ZOMBIE ATTACKZ" events will be discarded.


Reply #3 on: 16-10-2009
This isn't a discussion thread, keep this thread clean.

*Deleted a bunch of posts*


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Reply #4 on: 18-12-2009
Thanks Locke

Another note:

We need more events, Feel free to PM your events to any of the HA's

Me, Locke, Afromana, and Last Exile.

Anyone, and I mean anyone, Can suggest an event, You just have to ask us.


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